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Today I am continueing with our series of features on DaWanda sellers. This week I interviewed Sabine Janssens, a designer-maker from Belgium who runs her lingerie store Queen B Lingerie on DaWanda.


A self confessed “sewing addict”, Sabine manages to find the time aside from her full time work as a marketing assistant to create her fantastic range of limited edition underwear. Her pieces reflect her great eye for detail and striking colour combinations.


Here’s what Sabine has to say:

How did Queen B Lingerie come about?

Queen B. Lingerie started out as on online shop with different lingerie brands. I loved working on my shop but I always felt like I had to make too many compromises. It was really difficult finding lingerie that was sexy AND comfortable, good quality AND affordable,… The idea of making my own lingerie arose. Lingerie that had everything I missed in other brands: humour, funkiness, sexy comfort, affordable quality, unique designs, limited quantities, …

Do you come from a creative background? Did you study fashion design?

I guess I inherited my grandmothers’ creativity. As long as I can remember she was always knitting, from dusk till dawn. I guess she was addicted, just as I am now. As a teenager I experimented with my mothers’ sewing machine. But I never really did anything more with my creative side until recently. In 2006 I started taking classes for making lingerie and I’ve been sewing ever since. It’s like I just can’t stop making things…

What inspires you?

So many things: my husband, my friends, people on the street, books I read, movies I see,… But also new techniques I learn in class. They always open a new window with tons of possibilities and ideas.

“Xenia” by Queen B Lingerie

Do you have a favourite designer? (underwear or otherwise!)

I’m a fan of Muriëlle Scherre, a Belgian designer from La Fille d’O. I love the way she puts herself and her lingerie on the market. She goes her own way and that is something I can really admire in people.

What is your favourite thing about running your own business?

I’m the boss of me! Unfortunately only when it comes to Queen B. Hopefully I can make a fulltime job of it one day.

Do you wear your own designs?

That goes without saying. How could I not… I have so many panties that I can’t even close my underwear drawer anymore. Maybe I should invest in a bigger closet.

“Sweet Jane” by Queen B Lingerie

Tell me about your collection on DaWanda?

My designs on Dawanda are all unique pieces and not part of one collection. I have so many different ideas that I can’t help making lots of different styles.

Is there anything you would like to see improved or changed at DaWanda?

Dawanda has improved a lot since the latest changes. I’m especially enthusiastic about the Style Lab! Hopefully the website will get more traffic from buyers, but I guess it’s just a matter of time. I am promoting it wherever I can.

What are you currently working on for Queen B Lingerie?

I’m working on my first collection around one specific theme. It’s called ‘the Bling collection’: sexy thongs, boyshorts, hipsters and matching tops. All in black, all with rhinestones. So if you like things shiny and stylish, this is the collection for you.

“Groovy Chick” by Queen B Lingerie

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Thank you Sabine for a lovely interview and taking the time out to be part of our DaWanda sellers feature!

Visit Sabine’s DaWanda store, Queen B Lingerie and check out her distinctive and modern take on lingerie design – even better, they are fantastic limited edition pieces, and in a nice selection of different styles. Sabine is offering custom made pieces at the Style Lab, I highly recommend visiting her there for some tailor made foxy boxies!

Sabine also has her own blog, here and was recently featured on the excellent Indie Quarter

* * *

Hope you enjoyed the sellers feature this week!

See you back at DaWanda!

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