Pinboard Extravaganza, and also Cupcakes

Hi everyone,

Greetings from the brand spanking new DaWanda office. It’s BIG! We might even need to get some plastic cups connected by string to be able to communicate across the vast space…or maybe just follow Michael‘s example and whizz around on our fancy office chairs.

There is a fun competition happening in the forums on DaWanda that just began yesterday. 12 pinboards have been selected to be in the running for a Most Attractive Pinboard Competition. I just voted, there are some great collections so check out the forum post and pick your favourite pinboard! Voting gives you a chance to win a prize, so once you’ve picked the pinboard that like the most, take a look at the selection of prizes (donated by DaWanda members of course), and choose which one you would like. Voting started yesterday and will continue until November 22nd.

Mattias, our web developer at DaWanda, is also working for Cupcake. I almost feel like calling it a salon, it’s so beautifully decorated and the display of cupcakes at the counter will make your mouth water. It’s a cupcake eaterie located at  KrossenerStr.12 in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin. I was there last Saturday trying to resist, and the very nice lady behind the counter told me that they would soon like to sell handmade cupcake stuff. It could be knitted scarves with a cupcake motif, cupcake badges, magnets etc. so if you’re in the business of cupcake related handmade stuff, get in touch with them!

Cupcake Myspace & Website

Bon week-end, see you back at DaWanda

 We are hoping that Mattias will not be able to open the door on Monday, as his arms will be laden down with Cupcake goodies…

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  1. Elizabeth (05.11.07 14:50 Uhr)

    No problem! It’s a super idea!