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Who’s bringing home the bacon?

von am 18.11.2008 um 14:15 Uhr | 1 comment

There are many tasty treats that you can find on DaWanda, and one in particular which caught the eye of lots techno-gadget bloggers out there this week is the bacon phone pouch by Antjes. So many blogs picked up on this handmade felt pouch, and each of them had something funny...

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Submit Your Pinboard for the Front Page!

von am 28.10.2008 um 19:16 Uhr | 2 comments

Hi everyone! Here is a fantastic new way to share your wishlists and promote your favourite DaWanda shops - by showcasing your Pinboards with the DaWanda community on the homepage! Since we launched the brand new front page, we have alot more possibilities to share the homepage...

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Modish Marketing for your DaWanda shop!

von am 20.10.2008 um 18:21 Uhr | 10 comments

Hi everyone! Last week we posted the link for you to download or stream Holly Becker's (decor8 blog) talk at the DaWanda workshop in Berlin, on how to establish yourself as an artist or designer through blogging. This week, we hear from Jena Coray (see pic

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“Make it! Shop it! Blog it!” workshop-talks now online!

von am 15.10.2008 um 14:22 Uhr | 2 comments

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago we had the honour to host a very special workshop in DaWanda's hometown Berlin, with Holly Becker from decor8. Holly recently moved from Boston to set up home with her husband in Hannover and has been living it up Germany style for the last few...

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Design For Mankind Faves on DaWanda!

von am 09.10.2008 um 12:41 Uhr | 1 comment

Hi everyone! Today is a VERY special day because we can share with you the curated collection of items by Design for Mankind from the artists and designers on DaWanda! Erin Loechner is the amazing lady behind Design for Mankind, which just began last year. Since then Erin has...

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October 3rd 1990

von am 02.10.2008 um 19:32 Uhr | no comments

Hi everyone, As you may or may not know, DaWanda is based in Berlin, where the whole DaWanda team works together, and was founded by two young German thinker-uppers, Michael Pütz and Claudia Helming. Tomorrow in Germany there is a national holiday to celebrate the German...

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Busy hands…

von am 28.09.2008 um 19:03 Uhr | 3 comments

Hi everyone! If we can distract you for a moment to share something new from the DaWanda team: we have a new video to add to our collection of DaWanda promotional tools (e-cards, banners & co.) Of course it had to be handmade, so our own hands were busy getting this short...

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Blogging in Berlin with decor8 & co!

von am 23.09.2008 um 15:03 Uhr | 2 comments

Hello everyone! Well I can't wait to tell you about the decor8/DaWanda workshop we had in Berlin on Saturday! Let's start with a video teaser of how the day went, shot and compiled by one of the founders of DaWanda, Michael Pütz: (sorry I am a little camera shy and got stuck...

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Birdlandcreations interview on DIY City Mag

von am 22.09.2008 um 17:20 Uhr | 1 comment

Hello everyone! While I'm gathering photos, videos and remembering names and conversations from the Make it! Shop it! Blog it! workshop we had in Berlin on Saturday, enjoy this interview with Ruth from Birdlandcreations on DaWanda! Diy City Mag interviews Birdlandcreations

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2 days to go!

von am 18.09.2008 um 14:57 Uhr | 3 comments

Hi everyone, Here is a quick update! I have been missing for a few days thanks to a zombie flu, but back now and catching up! Our blogging workshop in Berlin with Holly Becker, Luziapimpinella, Smil and Bloodybunny is taking place less than 2 days from now! In case you haven't...

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