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Hello everyone!

Well I can’t wait to tell you about the decor8/DaWanda workshop we had in Berlin on Saturday! Let’s start with a video teaser of how the day went, shot and compiled by one of the founders of DaWanda, Michael Pütz:

(sorry I am a little camera shy and got stuck for words!)

On Saturday morning, Holly arrived off the train from Hannover with her husband Thorsten, Nicole drove up from Bucholz the night before, Smil and Bloodybunny worked behind the scenes in Berlin preparing their screenprinting workshop. The DaWanda team supervised the really important task, cupcake display:


It all began a few months ago when Holly let me know she would be moving to Germany and would like to set up an event with DaWanda to promote blogging among artists and designers. We didn’t realise how much demand there would be to attend such a workshop, so during the week before the big day, we received so many RSVP’s that we had to search for a bigger venue, at the last minute! Thanks to dear Son who found the new location at gottischer saal in Kreuzberg, it was a beautiful setting for a wonderful day!

Setting up, with love :)

Setting up, with love

Holly took to the podium as our first guest speaker of the day and delivered a speech that was very touching and inspiring. It was literally awesome to hear the story of a young woman who went from dreaming about creative expression from her corporate desk to becoming the queen design blogger with 18,000 daily readers and 1,300 emails to answer each week! As busy and hectic as life must be for Holly, she makes time for people, and insisted that noone should be too shy to come and say hello and talk to her if they had any questions. We took an audio recording of Holly’s talk, so that should be available for you to download as a podcast very soon!

After breaking for coffees and cupcakes, next up to share her story was Nicole from Luziapimpinella. When I picked up Nicole that morning, she told me she felt nervous, but as soon as the mic was in her hand she was a natural, and went on to tell her story. How through blogging she is able to share her inner world as a creative, and also develop professional connections which may not have come about otherwise. Nicole’s audio recording will also be available to download as a podcast!

The grand finale at the end of the day was a screenprinting workshop with Smil and Bloodybunny:

Nadja and Holly
Nadja helping Holly with screenprinting

The prints had to be set with heat, and the girls had thought of everything and brought along funky hairdryers!

Setting the print
Nadja and Britta took such great care of everyone and helped over 50 people to creat their own screen printed tote bags! The designs included the cuter than cute Smil cat design, a gorgeous cloud motif by Bloodbunny designed new especially for the day and the Bloodybunny bees, modelled excellently below by our Axel:


It was an amazing day, and I hope we can organise workshops like this on a regular basis. It was so wonderful to see so many members of the DaWanda community meeting up together, in real life! It was amazing!

Check Holly’s blog and Nicole’s blog for their posts – if you came to hang out with us on Saturday and have since started a blog, say hello in the comment section and leave a link to your new blog!

Thank you so much to Holly, Nicole, Nadja and Britta, to the DaWanda team for their hard work with a smile, to Anne for the art work and to everyone who came to the workshop to enjoy the day!

We’ll be adding more photos and videos during the next week, so stay tuned, visit our flickr and Holly’s flickr too!.

For German readers, check out the DaWanda blog post auf deutsch!

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  1. nichole (27.09.08 01:57 Uhr)

    Looks like a fantastic time!

  2. Kalicat (04.10.08 22:17 Uhr)

    Seeing this photo with all the bags makes me think that these bags are fab. A friend came around, loved it so much that she grabbed it and decided that my bag was hers. Good thing I had bought 2 of them :)