Don’t lose your chance to grab 50 free business cards for your DaWanda shop!

Have you heard? DaWanda has teamed up with to provide our sellers with a great new offer. You can pick up 50 free business cards for your DaWanda shop! Neat, eh?

MOO cards are really something quite special, and can be personalised so they suit your business and brand perfectly. Each card can feature an image on the back of it, so you can select up to 50 different images of your choice to decorate your cards … like how about some pictures of your DaWanda products, for example? :)

All you need to do is visit this page to claim your 50 free business cards. You only need to pay 3 / $6 / 4.25 for shipping, and that’s it. Each card will feature a small banner with the DaWanda and MOO logos at the bottom of the image on the back.

The offer is only good until April 30th, which is now just over two weeks away! We’ve already heard from a bunch of sellers who have claimed their cards and they love them, so we really hope you will too. So don’t delay, grab your cards before stocks run out to add that professional finishing touch to your business and brand identity.

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