Product of the Day: Marinero on the Beach Doll

Now this is one hunk you’d do a double take for if you saw him strolling along the beach. What more could the ladies want??

This gorgeous studly stuffed ‘Marinero on the Beach’ man-doll has been lovingly created by DaWanda seller -karamba-. Careful attention to detail has brought this wee man to life: we love the little witticisms in the design, from the anchor tattoo to the adorably lopsided moustache and too-small vest. His proportions give him the look of a kids’ toy, but he’d make an even better gift at a Bachelorette/Hen party, or for a dear friend with a great sense of humour.

The best part? Our little Marinero is completely one of a kind – there’ll never be another like him, which makes him that much more special. And we have it on good authority that he’s far less greasy, far less cheesy, and far less likely to dump you at the end of the Summer than his living, breathing counterparts ;).

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