Product of the day: Crocheted Hat

Now this is a hat with a difference! The creator anasousa called it a “challenging design” and we can understand why. Creating a hat that stands at 40cm and is crocheted to be shaped like a pine cone presents many crafting challenges. Made of 50% wool and 50% acrylic and available in a calm green/grey, you can help enliven your friend’s accessories by giving a gift that will help you spot them from a mile away!

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Post from Azra

write at 29.12.2010 - 16:41.

Category: Trends


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  1. anasousa (30.12.10 11:29 Uhr)

    Thanks for this wonderful feature.I’m flattered! Excellent 2011 for all Dawanda staff. Anabel

  2. mozarella-123 (06.01.11 07:36 Uhr)

    nice project

  3. Zuchini (27.01.11 18:05 Uhr)

    Wow that really is some amazing work!