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FIXED GEAR girl socks  on DaWanda


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FIXED GEAR girl socks

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Have you tried our our newest feature yet? With one click of the new ’embed in Blog’ button, you can share any DaWanda product in your blog or on your webpage – you can see how it will appear in our example above. You can find the new button in the grey box on the right side of every product page, just above the ‘Heart this!’ button.

When you click the button, the product appears in a new window, and all you need to do is click on the little clipboard symbol above the HTML code to copy it – then just paste it into your blog post. Now you no longer need to download and upload product images, which is perfect for all bloggers who want an easier way of doing things! The image is linked directly back to the product page, so your readers can easily go shopping if they want to.

This feature is really useful if you want an easy way to share your favourite products or newly discovered shops on your blog. Why not give it a try and let us know what you think? We’d love to have your feedback, so we can improve it even further!

Or maybe you want to share more than one product in your blog – perhaps a pinboard, or several products from your shop? Then we have a different solution for you – the DaWanda Widget. It’s a fun and easy way to share your own or your favourite products with your readers (and customers!) – and an effective marketing tool for spreading the word about your shop.

Give it a go!
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  1. Katrin mdmB (30.06.11 13:01 Uhr)

    I tried it. It’s super-easy! I like that the photo is crisp and clear. I listed 3 rings at the same time in my shop and featured one of them in my blog. The one featured have more views than other two combine. So I guess it shows it works :)