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Our second crafter interview for DIY September is with the creative mind behind Loobeensky. Alexandra works wonders with felt, creating colourful brooches and jewellery of personified anatomy and creative creatures. We love the way that she brings her organs and characters to life by layering vibrant colours of felt and stitching in the finer details – bringing the realism of the objects to the outside world. Read on to find out more about her wonderful ways of crafting.

Please tell us a bit about yourself:

Born in 1989 in Wroclaw, Poland and currently living in Warsaw. Sewing is not my only activity I write essays and reviews, and take pictures (mainly street ones), and I read. That’s what consumes the biggest amount of my time. The rest is computer gaming ;)

How did you discover your technique?

A few years ago, I felt like I would like to know how to sew. The problem was that I knew that it would exceed my possibilities at that time, every fabric would fray and I would eventually have to know how to make a slip stich, how to make a pattern of a cloth or a bag, and all those extremely complicated things and details connected with regular sewing. I needed to find something between making clothes and putting together beads made by somebody else (which I found quite limiting) – and that’s how felt and I met.

How did you come up with the ideas for the products in your DaWanda shop?

I’d love to know this ;) Usually ideas come to my mind on their own and they find me more than I find them. I’ve started with sheets of felt and now I’m adding new elements and techniques felted beads, embroidery, wires and many more. Using more materials provides me with new possibilities. It reminds me of a big structure in which every element is connected with all the rest; when something is added, new connections occur in every direction :)

Please give us a brief summary of your creative process?

Oh, I love those moments when I sit and then suddenly ta-daaa! – I’ve got an idea. But sometimes it’s not so easy and I have to sit and draw many sketches in order to train my skills ;) Both ways lead me to a relatively completed project that I can then make with felt. Of course I add many things during the process of sewing, which takes a couple of hours for every brooch.

Which materials do you use to create your products, how do you find them?

I use thin and thick sheets of felt, merino wool, leather, sequins, ribbons, sewing cotton and steel parts I find on the street while walking.


Where do you find your inspiration?

Interior of every man that’s what inspires me the most. Literally.

Do you have any role models/inspirations in the area of Design? If so, who and why?

I’ve recently read ‘Design as Art’ by Bruno Munari and it was a brilliant book affirmating simplicity and adequacy of projects and written with wit and style which can be rarely found nowadays and remember Munari was mainly a designer, not a writer! I guess the ideals of Munari can’t be seen in my works, however I use them to distinguish between good and bad design.

Who are your customers?

The customers I know personally are quite unpredictable and have a really unique imagination; they usually create art themselves. And the rest? I don’t know; the only thing that I can say for certain is that they are the people wearing my brooches, and I’m really grateful they gave me a chance to pin them to their sweatshirts.

What do you want to achieve in the future as a Designer/Creative?

I would love to, after all this time, learn how to sew clothes, I would like to work with silver and with wood. Ask me what I don’t want to achieve and know and that will take less time to enumerate ;) I’m extremely unfaithful to my techniques I learn them and then I abandon them.

What role does DaWanda play in your daily creative life?

DaWanda is important for me as a place to share my handmade items with other people and to feed my eyes with many beautiful things :)

How has your life changed since you opened your DaWanda shop?

Some time ago I used to start my day with checking mail and social networks, now I check my shops especially if I’ve uploaded something new!

Please give us the names of three of your favourite shops on DaWanda:


Any closing comments?

I’d like to give triple thanks: to DaWanda employees for their work, to those who already have visited my gallery and those who will do it, and my Clients those from the past and the future ones! Thank You!

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