Interview with: Beads by Roni

Today we have the pleasure of meeting Roni, aka Beads by Roni. Roni is one designer whose truly a master of her medium, which is of course: beads! Her shop contains gorgeous crocheted-wire and bead jewellery, as well as peyote beadwoven creations. Her preferred palate of mostly blues gives her pieces an aura of calm elegance – check out her shop and you’ll see what we mean! And check out our interview with Roni herself below:

Please tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m a working mom of 2 princes, and in my spare time (after the kids and the husband are asleep…) I love to create beaded jewelry.

How did you discover that you have creative tendencies?
Ever since I remember myself, I was always drawn to art. I used to hand copy photos and images by just looking at them, and it was always fun. I constantly try new crafts – drawing, painting, glass coloring, drawing on ceramic cups, cross-stiching, knitting, crocheting, and lately I have found the jewelry and beading crafts, which is a real treat!

Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere! I always look at other artists’ work to be inspired.

How did you come up with the ideas for the products in your DaWanda shop?
I only make jewelry I myself would wear. I’ve done some items that I kept for myself because I loved them too much … some of the patterns are from the internet, but mostly I just use my imagination to create something I like

Which materials do you use to create your products?
Glass beads, Swarovski crystals, glass pearls, artistic wire

Please give us a brief summary of your creative process:
First I get the idea in my head of how the piece should look. Then I start looking at the beads I have, trying to find those that match my idea (size, color etc.). Then I make sure I have all the “ingredients” and I start working on the piece. Afterwards comes the photo shoot process, image processing (to make the images look better) and then it’s off to the web to post!

What characterises your products/your style?
My style is everyday wear with a little glitter. I wear my designs every day to work and also for going out at night. The prices are comfortable (since this is a hobby, not a living).
When you look at my jewelry, you notice that the most noticeable color is blue. I guess it’s my favorite color … :-)

Who are your customers?
Women who like to be accessorize but not too much. My jewelry items are not bold and huge, and they match most outfits.

What do you want to achieve in the future as a Designer/Creative?
Just to have fun :-)

Please give us the names of three of your favourite shops on DaWanda:
Simply Beautiful
Melt’m Design Studio

Any closing comments?
Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on your blog!

P.S. If YOU would like to be considered for one of our Monday seller interviews, then please send a filled-out questionnaire to english[at]dawanda[dot]com!

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