A new banner for the blog, courtesy of Doppler

We love our brand-new blog banner, and we have Doppler, aka Gareth Ryans, to thank for it. The little birdies tweeting in unison up at the top of this page are classic examples of his quirky illustrative style, which lends itself perfectly to hand-printed t-shirts and totes as you can see. You can also buy Doppler original prints in his store, as well as sweet little baby bibs, wallets and more – it just depends on which bright idea Gareth has next. An Irishman who studied Art & Design, Gareth travelled the breadth of Europe, including a stint in Istanbul, before coming to Germany and setting up his business, which has been one of the most beloved shops on DaWanda since it opened in early 09. These days he’s based out of Hamburg, balancing design and creativity with being a dad.

Thanks again, Gareth. And for those of you seeking an early Christmas gift, Doppler awaits!

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