Christmas Downloads

Whether you’re looking for rainy day activities for the kids, some Christmas build-up fun, or simply want to save a few bob on your gift wrapping, we’ve got it covered! Crafting downloads so simple, even a 4 year old can do it (well maybe not the printing part).

The origami star, Santa, heart and co. make great colouring-in pages for the little ones and even better personalised gift toppers! While the gift boxes can be made in any size and are completely re-useable. And all you need is some paper, glue and scissors; you don’t even need a printer for the origami!

So once you have sent your Christmas Wishlist to Santa, worked through your Christmas Checklist and wrapped all your gifts, you can print off the gift tags and make sure you don’t accidentally give your Mum the sexy underwear meant for your other half again.

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