For Sellers: Xmas Crash Course Roundup

Over the last four weeks, we’ve been sending out a weekly newsletter just for sellers, filled with tips on how to get your shop looking its best for DaWanda’s busiest period of the year. The Xmas Crash Course series covered everything from taking great photos to sorting out your shipping options. But if you missed it, fear not! We’re gathering all four newsletters together in this post – just click the link to see the mailing:

Part 1: Get your shop in shape (Find out how to design a shop banner, set up your personal profile, fill up your shop window and organise your shop categories.)

Part 2: Taking great product photos (Find out how to choose backgrounds, work with lighting and perspective, and easy photo editing.)

Part 3: Writing great descriptions (Find out why your title matters, how to tell your product’s story, and which essential info makes a sale.)

Part 4: All things shipping (Find out how to manage Xmas shipping, how to ship worldwide, ship securely and ship quickly.)

And as a little bonus… check out our DIY lightbox tutorial and get professional looking product photos in hardly any time for hardly any cost.

The DaWanda Seller Newsletter is the first place to hear about new features and improvements to DaWanda, plus community projects, seller-friendly promotions and of course plenty of advice on how to make the most out of the marketplace. If you don’t yet receive the Seller Newsletter and you want to sign up, just head over here.

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