Friday DIY: Felt Pouch with Neon Tangram

Space is luxury. After all, who doesn‘t know this? A million little bibs and bobs flying around in your handbag and each piece more important than the next. But where is my lip gloss? Or my phone? Or, or, or? Today, we‘ve got the perfect solution. Izabella of maedchenwahn will show us this effortless DIY tutorial for a felt pouch with neon tangram design. For a new year 2013 with a little more order in your life!

You will need:




Cut two felt squares, 11cm x 11cm. With the neon wool, embroider a geometric pattern on one side of your felt squares. If you need some help designing a pattern, you can use a set square and a permanent marker.


Now we’re ready for the zipper. First, pin the embroidered front to the zipper, sew the two pieces together and do it all again with the back of the pouch.


It‘s important to only open the zipper halfway when turning the pouch inside-out. Lie the front and back together and pop in two pins.


Sew by hand or with a sewing machine along the sides. Cut the bottom two corners diagonally, just outside the the seam. This will give the corners a better form.


Turn your case outside-in and attach a thread to the zipper. Your pouch is all done!


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