Friday DIY: Knotted Leather Earrings

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As we all know, cool jewellery is sure fire way to spice up an outfit and make it a real eye-catcher. And the only thing more fun than wearing your favorite new trinket is if your favourite new trinket was handmade by you personally! Nora and Clara from pikfine are sisters who love being creative. Today, these two ladies from Cologne will show you how to convert the Celtic symbol (which represents the three elements of earth, water and air) into a great pair of earrings.

You will need:

1x thin cork board for pinning
4x pins
1x jewellery glue
1x pair of scissors
2x ear hooks
2x leather laces (about 1m long, 2 mm wide)



First off all, pin the middle of the leather cord to your cork board. Place the right end at the top (you’ll need this later). With the left part of the cord, form a fat “S” and fix it with pins.


With your right hand, lead the cord back around the starting pin, so that you have a loop on the left side. When you’re back at the starting pin, lead the cord back down to the right and pin the resulting loops (if you’re completely mad or have some practice tying knots, you can also do without the pins).


Now create a loop around the outer right pin and lead the cord, as shown in the picture, back  through the previously made loops. Lead the cord back over the starting pin to the left loop and thread it through this. Now coming from the left, lead the cord under the top of the fat “S” to come back to the starting point.


To double the knot, take the remaining long end of the cord, go back to the left and follow the path of the cord again completely.


To finish your doubled knot off, pull the knot tightly together so you can’t see anymore gaps. All you have to do now, is to thread your ear hook onto the right leather cord, trim away the ends and stick them to the back of the earring. Now the first one is finished, on to the next!

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