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To start your week off with a buzz, we are delighted to introduce the lovely Dvora from Dvora Schleffer Designs, who creates wonderful natured themed jewellery using the environment around her as inspiration. Now you might think insects are a little scary, but we just adore her dragonfly collection and bejewelled butterflies! Pretty, feminine and carefree; exactly how every-day wear jewellery should be. Over to you now Dvora to find out more about your charming pieces and what inspired them:

Please tell us a bit about yourself:
I live in Israel, in a small beautiful village. I have a beautiful family – two children, two dogs and a cat. I am lucky to have a supportive husband that always believed in me and my jewellery business and I am very happy to be able to do what I love as my full time job. It is very fulfilling.

How did you discover that you have creative tendencies?
When I was a teenager, many many years ago, I found a box with jewellery making tools and supplies. My mother took a class at some point and didn’t continue. I was fascinated with the possibilities. I started playing with the tools and supplies, trying ways to connect things together, experimenting and enjoying every minute. From that moment on, I was always with my tools and I started buying more supplies to work with and books to learn more ways to make things.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Nature is my biggest source of inspiration. I lived in cities for most of my life and about 4.5 years ago we moved to a nice village in the north of Israel. Being surrounded with nature has influenced my work a lot. I find my designs in recent years tend to be more about flowers, leaves, trees, birds and more.

How did you come up with the ideas for the products in your DaWanda shop?
As I said, a lot of my current designs are inspired by nature. I try to create matching items that can be used as sets. I also try to pay attention to what my DaWanda customers want.

Which materials do you use to create your products?
I work mainly with sterling silver and gemstones. I love the look and feel of sterling silver, I love that it is durable and will last for many years and yet it is affordable enough to be able to make jewellery at reasonable prices.

dragonfly earringspendantearringsbangle

Please give us a brief summary of your creative process?
I never know when a new idea for a design will come to me. So I always carry a block of paper with me to be able to sketch any idea that comes to my mind.
Later I take these sketches and decide which ones are good enough, which need some work on and which ones I will throw away. Then I start making the designs I picked. Sometimes I will make them exactly as planned, other times I make changes during the work process if I feel it will turn out better.
The best part of my work is when I finish a new design and see my idea/sketch turn into a real piece of jewellery. It’s an amazing feeling!

What characterises your products/your style?
My designs are very delicate and dainty. They are also non-trendy, so they can be used for many years and always look stylish. Also, my jewellery is very versatile. You can wear them for work or casual wear, they are delicate and you get a very solid look. But you can also stack several of my jewellery together and get a fancier look for evenings

What role does DaWanda play in your daily creative life?
Being creative is the easy part. Getting people to see and buy the designs you create, is much harder. DaWanda is a big help to me in reaching my customers. It gives me a professional front to present my jewellery and an easy to manage store where people can buy my design. This enables me to focus on creating and knowing that in a few simple steps the items I create today can be available to people tomorrow.

How has your life changed since you opened your DaWanda shop?
DaWanda has opened the door to the European market for me. I find it amazing that I can sit in my studio in Israel and send my designs all over the world to people who found me on DaWanda.

Please give us the names of three of your favourite shops on DaWanda:
Ceeb Wassermann Jewellery

Any closing comments?
I feel very blessed to know what I love to do and to be able to do it as my full time job. I wish for all people to be able to fulfil their true passions. There’s nothing better.

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