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Today we get to meet Alessandra Castagnolo, the talented designer behind Fractures wear, an edgy independent clothing label whose punky sci-fi aesthetic we love. Alessandra presents her work in our brand-new International Fashion showcase, which spotlights our favourite boutique designers from around the world and starts this week in Italy. Want to know more about the mind that thought up those amazing outfits? Then read on!

Please tell us a bit about yourself:
I am determined, stubborn, self-critical (perhaps a bit too much sometimes) … I love cats, new wave and electronic music and cinema.

How much time do you spend making and where do you find the inspiration for your products?
I dedicate all my free time to making. I find inspiration in architecture, in texture, but also in film and in metropolitan cities.

Do you create your products as a hobby or as a profession?
I studied Fashion Design, so design is my main interest and the job I would love to do full time. Currently, however, I am seek employment in other areas. Maybe one day it will become my main work, once I’ve taken over the world!

How did you discover your creative side? Do you have any role models/inspirations in the area of design?
I found it when I created my first bag, some years ago. I saw that I liked to give life to my ideas and so I continued and now I just can’t avoid doing it anymore: I always need to express myself by creating an accessory, a handbag, a piece of clothing and then a collection. I love many designers as well as fashion brands and accessory labels – not anyone in particular.

Do you have employees with whom you share your techniques, tricks and ideas?
I have no employees. Everything I make comes out of my head.

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Which materials do you prefer?
I choose the most suitable materials by instinct. It depends on the trends of the moment, plus I’m thinking about the kind of person who is going to be using the product. I mostly work with fabrics such as wool, silk, lace, jersey.

How would you describe your style and what characterises it?
It’s very modern, minimalist, androgynous, with a nod to some movie cyberpunk/sci-fi (like Blade Runner or Tron). It is quite gothic and it is characterized by sharp cuts, broken lines, asymmetry and volume.

Please give us a brief summary of your creative process:
I begin with some messy sketching in my notebook. Then I shuffle between creating outfits and combinations, and designing the collection. I go from the paper to the mannequin, then I buy the fabric I decided to use and and sew it.

How do you see your future as a designer? What will you surprise us with?
In the short-term I will be employed by a clothing and accessories company, and at the same time I will be developing my own line. Right now you can enjoy my new Spring/Summer collection. Fractures doesn’t have a line of bags yet, maybe I will make that happen before the end of this year.

How did you get into DaWanda, and what do you expect from our marketplace?
I heard about it and I decided to try. I signed up in December, just before Christmas. I hope to find customers who don’t know me yet on the other platforms where I am already.

If I say DaWanda, you say?
“Handmade with love!”

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