Friday DIY: Polka Dot T-Shirt from Squeaky Swing


For today’s DIY, the charming blogger Stefanie from Squeaky Swing is our guest and will show you how to make a super cute polka dot t-shirt using the simplest of methods. This is the perfect tutorial to get you into that summery feeling. Enough with long grey winter days and bulky clothes – it’s time to splash some colour around our wardrobes!

You will need:

  • A plain cotton T-shirt (upcycle an old one!)
  • Paint brush with round, flat bristles for printing (stencil or stippling brush)
  • Cardboard stencil
  • Fabric paint (darker colours work better on lighter backgrounds and vice-versa)




Place the stencil on the spot you’d like a polka dot to be. Dip your paintbrush into the paint, making sure not to get too much paint on the brush. Holding your brush vertically, gently and quickly stroke the paint onto the fabric.



  • 1. I started with the lightest colour (yellow). The first time around, I made sure that the dots weren’t too close together to avoid the stencil coming into contact with wet paint.
  • 2. Then I let the first round of dots dry and added some lighter coloured dots after 15 mins, repeating this method until I got as many dots as I wanted.
  • 3. Don’t go too heavy on the black dots, otherwise, your shirt will be too dark.
  • 4. The paint should wash well. I’ve washed the shirt loads of times and the quality of the colours still looks great.



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