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It might be summer but it doesn’t mean the rain clouds have disappeared (especially here in Berlin!), so we thought that this beautiful tutorial from the DaWanda shop sonst noch was? was still fitting. Stine‘s going to show us just how easy it is to upcycle some scraps of felt, that you‘ve probably got lying around at home anyway, into a funky mobile for your own baby or a sweet gift for a friend‘s.

You will need:

  • 1mm strong craft felt in white and any other colours of your choice (perfect for scraps that are just taking up space)

  • Wadding

  • Sewing machine and / or needle and thread

  • Sewing thread in matching colours

  • Slightly more stable white or transparent yarn for hanging

  • Scissors

  • Tailor’s chalk or “trick marker”

  • Embroidery hoop



Step 1 First of all, simply download my PDF template and print it out on heavy paper 1:1 – then cut out the clouds and the drops, so you‘ve got a couple of templates that you can use again and again.

Step 2 If the felt happens to be all crinkled up, which is always the case with scraps, you should give them a quick iron before getting down to business. Just make sure that your iron is set at ‘2’ (no steam!) when ironing felt, or better still, check out what the manufacturer has to say about ironing. Once your felt is nice and smooth, lay the stencil on top of it (white for the clouds & colourful for droplets) and outline the shape with tailor’s chalk or a trick marker – Trick markers have the advantage that the marks disappear by themselves after a while. Since the felt won‘t be turned over, the outline will remain visible, so it‘s better if the marker fades away.

Step 3 Place the felt with the outline on a “sandwich” made out of felt and wadding (the wadding comes in the middle), pin all three layers together and sew around the outline with a sewing machine or by hand.

A little tip: If you use 3 mm thick craft felt instead of 1 mm felt, you can do without the wadding, as the shapes will be stable enough.

Step 4 Now cut the clouds and drops out closely along the seam with scissors – the individual elements of your mobile are now finished.

Here’s another little tip: By outlining, sewing and cutting several shapes out of the one piece of felt, your work won‘t be so repetitive. I made three clouds and eleven drops, but that’s entirely a matter of personal taste.

Step 5 Using white or transparent thread, start attaching the drops to the clouds with threads of varying lengths (I used two or three different lengths of thread) and finally sew them to the clouds. The length of the individual threads is a matter of proportion. Just make sure that the distances between the clouds and drops aren‘t too large but still varied enough in length so that the mobile doesn‘t look boring.


Step 6 Now grab your embroidery hoop which we‘ll be using as the holder for the mobile. You only need the part of the frame without the screw, so take the other part off. Tie your thread to the hoop with a knot and then attach it to the other side of the hoop with another knot. Do this again, but this time, at a 90 degree angle to the first one, creating a „thread cross“ in the middle of your hoop, making it dead easy to attach your three clouds. I‘ve left three of the drops unattached from the clouds, but will attach them individually to the thread cross now.

Once again, moderation is the key as to where the individual elements are to be hung. If you attach the clouds and drops with a simple double knot to the thread cross, you‘ll be able to move them back and forth until you are happy with their position.

Step 7 Finally, tie four long pieces of yarn to the body of the embroidery ring, so you can hang your mobile up. Simply balance out the mobile and tie the four pieces together directly above the cross. Nothing can slip any more, and you can tie a loop knot with the yarn for hanging.

And that’s all the trimmings done! In 1-2 hours, you‘ve made a beautiful gift for your own kids or a wonderful present for someone else’s. I even know a few adults who would be pleased to get such a gift.

Have fun! Stine from snw?

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