Friday DIY: Leather Envelope from anmutig


Have you got the kind of business cards that are so cool even Don Draper would want to do business with you? What’s the point of having great cards if you’ve got nowhere to keep them? Nadine from the DaWanda shop anmutig tucks her new business cards away in small leather envelopes. They’re super easy to make and also perfect for storing all kinds of bits and bobs. Nadine’s going to show us how it’s done.


You will need:

Leather scraps about  15 × 15 cm

Small paper envelope or download the stencil (PDF)

Permanent marker

Ruler and craft knife or scissors

Adhesive e.g. Uhu

Press studs

Hole punch pliers




1. If you’d like to make an envelope with a pattern, decorate the leather now with the permanent marker. Draw points, triangles, lines, circles, etc. on the leather and allow to dry thoroughly.


2. Now, print out the stencil or unfold a paper envelope. While firmly pressing down on the leather, use a ruler with scissors or a craft knife to cut around your stencil.


3. Next, fold the leather. If you’re using very thick leather, you can carefully score along the fold with a cutter. Fold the side pieces in first and then the bottom flap towards the middle. Fix with adhesive.


4. Finally, attach the press stud by either using the hole punch pliers or by following the instructions on the back of the packet. You can also, for example, use a small flat press stud underneath and then sew a pretty button on the upper side.

And now your envelope is finished!

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