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Talulah Lee is one of our newest finds and today we get the chance to introduce Melissa Richt, the founder and designer of this fantastic DaWanda shop. Melissa, originally from the US but now living in Sweden, creates beautifully elegant jewellery, which you may recognise from the World Tour blog series. We love Melissa’s jewellery because of its simplicity, and her attention to detail – just take a look at the packaging your order would come in (above right). Everything about this shop is full of love and attention and really stands for everything DaWanda is about. We are very excited  to introduce Melissa and her shop to you, so read on to find out more…


Please tell us a bit about yourself: 

I’m Melissa – a jewelry designer, animal lover and an American living in Sweden. I live in the Swedish countryside with my husband, my dog and my rabbit.

Where do you find your inspiration?

The Swedish countryside is a beautiful place to work and think, and its beauty is an amazing source of inspiration. Many of my designs reflect the beauty I see everyday including many natural elements like leaves, flowers and birds.

Please give us a brief summary of your creative process?

I found that my customers love simple designs – usually simple meaningful elements such as feathers or leaves. I can customize many pieces to their specifications. This includes wire wrapping birthstones or pearls, custom chain lengths, and adding miniature charms to wrap bracelets or necklaces.  Once I make a custom piece I usually photograph it to share with my fans to give them inspiration and ideas for their own custom pieces.

Which materials do you use to create your products?

I use sterling silver, 24K gold, bronze, eco leather and Swarovski crystal. I only use 24K gold wiring in all my gold earrings and all my necklace chains are sourced from Italian artisans.  I think it really makes a difference when you use these types of quality materials to create a finished piece.

What do you want to achieve in the future as a Designer/Creative?

I would love to expand my line to include men’s jewelry and reach more markets within the EU, including where I live – Sweden. I am hoping as I learn Swedish I can sell wholesale within some local jewelry stores and perhaps see some features in Swedish fashion magazines. But most of all I want to continue to enjoy what I am doing!


Do you have any role models/inspirations in the area of Design? If so, who and why?

I do love Mario Testino, the famous Peruvian fashion photographer. Many years ago I had the opportunity to meet him and he signed a book for me. In so doing he misspelled my name but said: “Everything can be fixed. This is life.” To me, that was saying that no one is in a sense perfect and that we learn by making mistakes and fixing them as we pursue our dreams.

What role does DaWanda play in your daily creative life?

DaWanda has been a great opportunity for me to introduce my jewelry to new markets and new countries and I am very excited for the future. It has become a learning experience to my creative process to see what these new markets and countries are interested in, in terms of jewelry styles and jewelry design.

I have recently had my first custom request through DaWanda so I am looking forward to that. I also made my first purchase from a pillow shop in Stockholm, and it was a great shopping experience. My fans are on the upswing so I am continually adding new items for them to see and enjoy! DaWanda is a great community and I am happy to be a member.

P.S. If YOU would like to be considered for one of our seller interviews, then please send a filled-out questionnaire to english[at]dawanda[dot]com!

Photo, featured image and top left – with thanks to Hasse Bengtsson


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