World Tour – Merhaba, Turkey!

Now that September has rolled in, it is time to say goodbye to the Mediterranean, pack up our bags and head to Eastern Europe, but we couldn’t leave without first taking a look at Turkey.

Turkey has always been famous for its ornate ceramics, but also for one symbol which is particularly prevalent – the nazar boncuğu, or the Evil Eye which is believed to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. While different colours have differing meanings, the most famous is blue which is believed to promote good karma. This belief isn’t only restricted to Turkey, and can, in fact, be found across many Southern European and Middle Eastern countries.


Today I have two of our newest Turkish shops to show  you. First up is Asterias Collection which only opened a couple of days ago – check out their first few items and welcome them to DaWanda. We particularly like their evil eye bracelets (above)! We really look forward to seeing what else this shop has in store.

The second shop I want to introduce is ASHYL which offers a range of jewellery, many with a scientific twist. Check out this molecule inspired necklace, for example.



As always, let us know if you have any suggestions regarding crafters, designers and craft markets in the comments below or on Twitter with the tag #DaWandaMed. 

All this travelling has made us tired, so we are going to take a break next week. See you in two weeks when we will be exploring Eastern Europe and all the crafts on offer there.






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