DIY Month Week 3: Knitting & Crochet


Rolling right along into Week 3 of DIY September! Each week, we’ve been exploring a different crafting tradition, with resources and advice to help you try it yourself. We’ve looked at origami and jewellery-making already… this week, we turn to knitting and crochet!

Knitting is an age-old craft which is as useful and pervasive today as it was in ancient times. One of the earliest known examples of knitting is a pair of multi-coloured cotton socks, dating back to the Egypt at the end of the first millennium AD. Despite it’s contemporary cultural associations with women and the domestic sphere, it was originally a male-only occupation. Time to rediscover your roots, boys!

Crochet, like knitting, is a process in which yarn is woven in order to create a fabric. Unlike knitting, crochet uses only one hook instead of two needles. Similar effects can be achieved by knitting and crochet, but generally speaking crochet is more suitable before structured, three-dimensional items, while knitting is better for creating a softer drape and cloth with more give. Both crafts have legions of diehard supporters – some preferring one over the other, some, like us, finding it impossible to choose.

Knitting is a more common choice for beginners to pick up, and it’s great if you want to try making your own woolly accessories this winter. Just take a peek at the different types of looks you could attempt:


If you want to try your hand at making soft toys, consider crochet. Amigurumi is a Japanese name for the trend of knitting small stuffed creatures like these. How cute are they?


Of course you’re going to need some supplies to get you going. Grab your needles, your yarn and a beginner’s pattern to get you going:


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