DIY Month: Magazine Gift Bags by Maslinda Designs

This week’s DIY Month theme is all about upcycling and eco-crafts, so with this in mind Fani from Maslinda Designs shows us how to make a great upcycled gift bag for items you have sold on DaWanda, or simply for presents for family and friends.


You will need




With your marker pen and ruler mark a dot  4.5 cm in to the page , then do the same 9 cm further along,  then  again 4.5 cm further along and finally 9 cm along again. There should be about 1 cm left on the page.


Now fold where the dots were to make a “box”. Apply some glue on the last piece of paper, the one that is only 1 cm long, to hold everything in place. Now you have a bottomless “box”.


On the narrow sides of you “box” mark 4.5 cm in again and cut all four corners with scissors to create flaps. Fold all four sides inwards, apply some glue and press firmly.


Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes, place your gift inside and fold over the top. Make two holes with the punchers and thread some ribbon through to hold the opening in place.


Et voilà! Now you can pack your gift in a beautiful and fashionable bag!
Tip: you can use any medium weight paper to create bags for larger gifts.


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