Winner of the Say It With Clay! Creative Blogger Competition

A few weeks ago we contacted a select team of creative and bloggers and DaWanda sellers with blogs, and challenged them to participate in a secret competition. Those who took up the challenge were sent out packages containing a packet of white polymer clay and the instructions to participate in a competition that challenged them to use all their creative powers to use this material to create unique designs and products.


We uploaded photos of their creations to our Facebook page, and invited you, the public, to cast your votes in the form of ‘likes’ for your favourite item. The voice of the people has made itself clear and a winner has emerged, so put your hands together for Sorina Pencu, from the DaWanda shop Bijubrill. Her ornate, gilded jewellery holder really took our breath away, and as a reward, we will be granting her a €100 voucher to spend on DaWanda.


Pictured above are the heroically cute entries by Minifanfan and Tizzalicious.

For all the brave bloggers who partook in this creative competition, we wish each and every one of you a hearty congratulations for your participation.

Alex Mckenzie


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