Friday DIY: Felt Forest Animals by Mollie Makes


Forest spirits to absolutely die for – the sly fox and the mischievous raccoon from Mollie Makes Issue No. 6 make going into the woods a less scary undertaking indeed. A cute gift for all creatures great and small. Since the animals are made ​​out of felt by hand or with a sewing machine, they are super easy and simple to make.

Materials and Tools



1.) Trace all the parts of the template onto the felt and cut them out. Sew one tail piece to the body front, leaving a gap of about 5mm to the bottom edge.

2.) Sew the tip onto the fox’s tail. Then place the two halves of the face, with the points facing downwards, close together forming a heart shape. When you’re happy with the position, pin and sew the parts together. Sew a couple of extra stitches at the top.

3.) For the raccoon: Sew parts 1-4 of the tail as shown. Stitch on the parts of the eye mask to the face so that they touch in the middle. Now sew on a white nose with a few stitches.

4.) Form the ears with three arrow-shaped embroidery stitches, the middle stitch should be slightly longer. Do the same on the fox as well.

5.) With five embroidery stitches, make a cute belly button. Make sure the middle stitch longer than the other 4, and that they fan out from the middle.


6.) With black embroidery thread, stitch a small triangle in the middle of the fox’s face for the nose. The raccoon needs a long vertical stitch in the middle of the nose with a T-shaped end at the top.

7.) Mark the centre of the fox’s eyes, stitch a small circle around it and fill the circle in with split stitches. Do the same on the other eye and also on the raccoon.

8.) Stitch with three-times threaded white yarn a tiny x in the upper right corner of each eye. Now, who can resist these two mischievous little guys?

9.) Take the matching-coloured felt and place the little guys in the middle of each piece. Make sure that the figures aren’t too close to the edges of the felt. Start sewing around the edges at the left bottom corner by hand or using a machine. Leave an opening of about 4.5 cm, so you’ll be able to stuff the little critters.


10.) Cut closely around the figures except for the bottom edge where you’ll leave an opening, forming a flap.

11.) Gently stuff your creatures using a stick, pencil or knitting needle, starting with the the ears. Then continue on with the rest of the body.

12.) Close the opening by hand and trim away the excess felt.

13.) Cut out a red felt heart using the template and sew, as with the fox and raccoon, on a second piece of felt. Stitch around the heart with white embroidery thread, leaving a 1.5 cm opening. Don’t cut the thread yet, put some stuffing in and then close the opening. Now’s a good time to cut the thread.

14.) As a little extra loving detail, you could embroider the initials of the lucky recipient on the heart. To do this, first draw the letters with fabric pen and split stitch along the lines.

And there you have it – two cute little woodland animals to give to your loved one.


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