Friday DIY : PomPom Beanie Egg Warmer by Schoenstricken


The weather is looking to turn cold this weekend in Berlin, so Jessica from Schoenstricken, is going to show us how easy it is to knit a beautiful pompom beanie to keep your eggs as warm and toasty as you. Not only will they make your eggs look fantastic, they‘ll also add an extra splash of colour to your table. Have fun!

Materials and Tools


 How to make them


Step 1 : Cast on 34 stitches.
Step 2: Now knit two plain stitches and two purl stitches alternately. Important: your first and last two stitches should be purl (so you‘ll be starting with a ‘wrong side’ row!).


Step 3: Work with a border pattern (two plain, two purl) to a length of about 7.5-8 cm.

Step 4: Now knit two purl stitches together and two plain stitches together. You should only have 17 stitches on your needle at the end of the row.


Step 5: In the next row, cut your wool (leaving a long strand). Take a (sock) tapestry needle, thread it with the strand of wool and then pull it tightly through all the remaining stitches and tie a knot.


Step 6: Now you just have to close the seam. It‘s best to do this as shown in the pictures. You‘ll have to fiddle a bit on the right and left to get out the small cross ribbed stitches and the stitches between. Always sewing so that no seam will be visible at the end.


Step 7 : The simplest way to make the mini pompom is with a pompom maker. Just wrap your wool around the small plastic discs, push it together, cut the strands of wool, pull on one thread and tie together. Ready!


Step 8: Sew the pompom onto your egg beanies and you‘re done. Yay!

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