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Julishland is one our many talented jewellery and accessory designers hailing from sunny Israel. Introducing with great pleasure, Julia Goland, the creative craftsman behind this one woman show. Working primarily with leather as the raw material for her pieces, Julia Goland is well known for her rustic and earthy pieces that invoke the textures and tones of her greatest inspiration, nature. Looking at her latest collection, “Geometry of Metamorphose” it’s easy to feel the ethereal and graceful inspiration

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Please tell us a bit about yourself: 

I’m 31 y.o. Happy married, mom for two kids, youngest child was diagnosed a year ago with autism and this has had a big impact on our live and work — we, as a family, have learned to appreciate life, every happy moment and I’m especially very grateful to fortune that I have my favorite job and the opportunity to deal every day with something that I love

How did you discover that you have creative tendencies?

As a child I always did a lot of crafts, I loved knitting, painting and for sure I always created jewelery for my mom and granny

Which materials do you use to create your products?

Leather, glass and semi precisions stones, charms

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Who are your customers?

Stylish, creative and open mind women

What do you want to achieve in the future as a Designer/Creative?

As much as possible! I would love to continue to keep doing things I love and still get good money for it. And also, I’d love to get a professional education in the field of design

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