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This month we are pleased to present Italic Home as April’s new shop of the month. Based in the United States, designer Colin creates a fantastic range of canvas lunch bags reminiscent of the classic brown paper bag, albeit more durable and sustainable. We caught up with Colin to see what the inspiration behind his brand and his range of awesome bags was. Colin’s personal favourite is the bag pictured above.

Describe yourself in one sentence

I’m very minimal, but love to find the functionality and beauty in everyday objects.

What inspires your work?

Everyday life is my biggest inspiration. I think you will see that my products are very much influenced by items we use everyday. I really enjoy taking those things and figuring out how to make them not only more beautiful, but also more sustainable.

What is your motto in life? 

The unofficial motto of my shop (and my life) is: Live Slanted. It’s a play on my shop name, but it also reminds me to actively search for ways to be different and stand out. Stepping away from the flow of what everyone else is doing can really create fresh perspectives and make life much more enjoyable.

What made you decide to sell on DaWanda? 

My business is relatively new to the scene, but my products seemed to be fairly popular internationally. So when I got the opportunity to sell them on a site catering to international customers, I jumped at the chance.

blog-brownbag.jpg blog-canvasbag.jpg

Tell us about your typical day as a designer

Working for yourself has it’s downsides, but one of the best things is being able to make your own schedule! I am definitely not a morning person, so I tend to sleep in and stay up very late. My day starts off with lots of coffee and just relaxing for awhile. I then usually catch up on any emails or business-y stuff that needs done. After that, I get right to work, and usually don’t stop until I have to sleep! I’m usually working on many bags at once, so the daily tasks always change based on what stage of the process I’m in.

What is your favourite DaWanda shop or product? 

I am a big fan of Formfreunde

Any tips for other DaWanda sellers? 

Make time for experimenting. My schedule tends to be super packed, and it’s always hard to find the time to do the best thing about being a creator: make new products! I’ve found that if I don’t set aside time specifically for creating new things, it won’t happen. And not only is it important to work on fresh products, it’s also super important to allow yourself time to make mistakes. Every product isn’t going to turn out perfectly the first time, so having that expectation going in makes the process a whole lot smoother.


If you would love to sell your handmade items to our international community, sign up for a DaWanda shop today – it’s free to register, there are no listing fees and only a 10% commission on successful sales . We look forward to meeting you! 


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