Friday DIY: Wedding Boutonnières by Hydrangea Girl


This week the lovely Alex from the blog Hydrangea Girl is going to show us how to make these awesome wedding boutonnières in just a few simple steps! If you want to see more from Hydrangea Girl, you can see her top 10 favourite DaWanda products over on the Products We Love page.


What you will need: 




1.) Using your template, cut out two felt circles. They don’t have to be perfect since they’ll be covered.

2.) Cut two lengths of ribbon roughly 6cm long (length of your finger). Fold the end in half and cut at a sassy angle to spruce them up.

3.) Overlap the ribbons a little, and sew them onto the ‘back’ of one of the felt circles. About 6 stitches will keep the ribbons in place. Trim off any excess ribbon.


4.) On the ‘front’ of that same circle, sew between 6 and 8 faux flower petals using a similar colour thread. Don’t be too precise with the spacing otherwise it looks stuffy.

5.) With your second circle, sew the brooch pin in place using a double thickness of thread. I sewed mine above centre, so the top of the boutonnière won’t droop or fall forward when eventually pinned on a lapel.

6.) Sew the two circles together with matching thread around the circumference, and there you have it! Cuteness in under 20 minutes.


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  1. key (06.05.14 17:14 Uhr)

    I love it ! It’s amazing . My hubby was looking for something very similar for our wedding!