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Product photos are the key to successful selling and can make a world of difference – the good news is that you don’t have to be Mario Testino to get it right either! Here are some simple tips to make sure you are on the right track for some awesome photos that are going to show your customers exactly what they are buying.

It is important to bear in mind that as an online marketplace, the product photos in your DaWanda shop, alongside your product description, are the only impression potential buyers will get of the item they are hoping to purchase. Customers respond well to good photos and know exactly what to expect when their item arrives in the post as a result. We conducted a test with a high quality and a low quality photo, and found that a high quality photo got 51% more clicks and 61% more visitors than the lower quality photo

Here are some examples to get us started:

blog-milloo.jpg   blog-californiadreaming.jpg

1.) Background

The best photos are taken on a neutral background, and we would strongly recommend that you avoid grainy, poorly constructed backgrounds as these distract attention away from your product. Find a neutral surface in your home or studio, or take a large sheet of neutral paper and use this as a backdrop. Please don’t use Photoshop to cut out the background as this is often very obvious.

2.) Lighting 

It is best to play around with your camera settings to ensure the lighting is right, instead of using a pre-set mode or feature. You can also experiment with you camera’s flash to see if this makes a difference. If you are still having difficulties, or don’t have time to photograph when the lighting is perfect in your home or studio, then think about using additional lamps. These don’t have to be specifically for photography, they can just be the lamps you have around you. To avoid the light from the lamps being too sharp, you could attach baking paper or a filter over the lampshade to soften the lighting.

3.) Perspective 

It’s best to not photograph your product head on, as this lacks perspective and doesn’t give a potential customer a clear idea of what they are looking at. We would recommend that you experiment with different angles.

4.) Editing 

Editing software gives you the chance to touch up photos in a whole host of different ways, but be careful not to over edit your photos as you will run the risk of making them look fake.

Final tips

  • If selling fashion items we would also always recommend that you photograph your products on a person, instead of a mannequin or hanger as it makes it easier for the buyer to see how the item sits and fits.
  • Remember you can upload 4 images to each DaWanda listing in your shop to offer your customers a range of different views of the product.


P.s. Remember that our Seller Portal is full of useful information on a whole host of great topics to help you make the most of your shop! If you have a question you can’t find the answer to, feel free to drop us an email at



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