WIN a Lightcase! Update: Winners Announced!


Designed by Dominic Crinson and Brenna Jensen, the Lightcase is a portable photography studio. It provides a quick and easy way to get professional-looking photos of your products, without having to pay the earth for equipment or assistance. We are in love with this nifty little product, and we think DaWanda sellers will love it too! After all, good quality photographs are essential if you want to sell successfully on DaWanda, as we mentioned last week on Top Tip Thursday. To use the Lightcase, simply:

  • pop up the case and click it into shape
  • place it near a source of natural light
  • choose your backdrop: frosted, white, black, or your own design
  • position your object
  • position your phone or camera above or in front
  • and shoot!

You can order a Lightcase via Kickstarter for the early-bird price of 32 Euros, including worldwide delivery. But hurry, because this special price is only available until Wednesday, May 7th!
Or you could WIN one of 5 Lightcases!

The lovely Brenna and Dominic are giving away 5 Lightcases for DaWanda sellers. To be in with a chance to win, simply leave a comment below this blog post. Good luck and happy snapping!

The deadline for entries is 10am CEST on Monday, May 12th 2014. Five winners will be picked at random.



PLEASE NOTE: the competition is now closed, and the winners are (drumroll please)…

Celine Telders, Lisa Kahn, Becky, Rumi Spasova and Maneki – check your inboxes, guys!

Remember, even if you didn’t win, you can still get a Lightcase at a fabulous price from



Watch the video to find out more:

Check out some product shots taken with the Lightcase:


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  1. EdelsmidG (06.05.14 22:52 Uhr)

    Nice and practical! I like one! ;)

  2. Nerissact (06.05.14 23:15 Uhr)

    Always seem to make a hash of photographing my work. This is just the ticket to sort me out and feel confident about presenting my crafts for sale online.

  3. MOoink (06.05.14 23:33 Uhr)

    This would be super to shoot my hand made itsy bitsy little things! Great idea!

  4. Becky (06.05.14 23:37 Uhr)

    Great idea! Would love to win one

  5. Enrica (07.05.14 00:09 Uhr)

    wow … I love this lightcase , it would help me a lot with my jewelry photos

  6. Ester (07.05.14 00:10 Uhr)

    I really need this! I take the worst photos! Maybe this light box will free my inner photographer!

  7. Helena Ribeiro (07.05.14 00:19 Uhr)

    I already saw The project and loved it.
    I would love to Win;)

  8. Theresa (07.05.14 02:45 Uhr)

    This looks like a wonderful product. I can’t wait to try it.

  9. Annabel (07.05.14 03:47 Uhr)

    Oh my goodness, I want one of these! My store would love me for it!

  10. Tanja Bohr (Starter) (07.05.14 08:19 Uhr)

    I´d like to use it, to make great pictures from my homemade items!

  11. Xenia (07.05.14 09:31 Uhr)

    That’s amazing! It’s perfect for my new project! I’d love to have one of those!

  12. Cristina (07.05.14 09:57 Uhr)

    I made a light box out of cardboard and trace paper but then my cats destroyed it… twice. This would help a lot!

  13. Helen (07.05.14 11:44 Uhr)

    I would love to win one. It looks amazing!

  14. Isabel (07.05.14 12:07 Uhr)

    I want one of these!

  15. Menin (07.05.14 12:09 Uhr)

    I would love to win one!

  16. LinF (07.05.14 12:12 Uhr)

    I would love to Win

  17. paula (07.05.14 12:13 Uhr)

    Great idea!

  18. elsa (07.05.14 12:14 Uhr)

    Would love to win one

  19. IMC (07.05.14 13:05 Uhr)

    I realy like to have one.

  20. adzka (07.05.14 13:07 Uhr)

    nice compact design! Wanna!

  21. Yael (07.05.14 16:01 Uhr)

    This is great! would love to have one for my photos!

  22. Nicole Bau (07.05.14 17:42 Uhr)

    Amazing, i would love to win one for my felt-items in the shop.

  23. Josipa (07.05.14 18:34 Uhr)

    pick me! pick me!

  24. Susie H (07.05.14 18:39 Uhr)

    This design seems much more practical, straight-forward, and concise than the traditional lightbox set-up I’ve tried (and given up on). Thanks for introducing it, I would love to own one!

  25. Laura-Mode (07.05.14 19:29 Uhr)

    It’s wonderful, I like it very much!!!!!!!

  26. Juffrouw Sproet (07.05.14 20:29 Uhr)

    Ooo, this would so totally beat my own shoebox-with-folded-sheet! *fingers crossed*

  27. Rositsa Boyadzhieva (08.05.14 09:51 Uhr)

    Really nice :) I like it very much :) It would be great to have one :)

  28. Liz (08.05.14 10:27 Uhr)

    Oh yes!!! How fabulous, I’d love one,

  29. Elizabeth Buttle (08.05.14 10:27 Uhr)

    What a generous prize and a really practical piece of kit!

  30. kylie (08.05.14 10:52 Uhr)

    Really nice :) I like it so much!! It would be great to have one :D

  31. antigoni (08.05.14 11:11 Uhr)

    Great..!! I looks so practical..!! thanks you for this giveaway

  32. Cel (08.05.14 12:31 Uhr)

    Oooh that looks great and very handy ^_^

  33. Georgia (08.05.14 12:54 Uhr)

    Looks amazing!!!!

  34. POPI (08.05.14 14:06 Uhr)

    Every crafter….. need this one….!!!!!! thanks!!!!!

  35. Telma Mota (08.05.14 15:01 Uhr)

    exactly what I needed to shoot my jewels. :)

  36. Deborah Thomas (08.05.14 17:11 Uhr)

    So much creativity to create using one of these …NEED ONE !!! xxx

  37. Irmela Werner (08.05.14 17:26 Uhr)

    It’s indeed a great invention, would love to work with it!

  38. amilia (08.05.14 18:10 Uhr)

    Great idea would love to try it out!

  39. stella (08.05.14 18:30 Uhr)

    Would absolutely love this!

  40. Christiane Alaettinoglu (08.05.14 19:04 Uhr)

    … this would make me soooo happy… what a cool studio !!!

  41. BITXIBITXI (09.05.14 09:11 Uhr)

    Really practical !! It looks very nice !!

  42. Mojca (11.05.14 22:53 Uhr)

    This looks wonderful! It would be great to take photos of my jewelry with it.