Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) important for your DaWanda shop?


Optimising your DaWanda shop from an SEO perspective will help you improve the ranking of your  shop & product pages on Google, and therefore bring more potential buyers to your shop.
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Keyword Research

First, identify the main keywords relevant for your shop: do you sell hand sewn rockabilly clothes or handmade brass jewellery? Then find a suitable keyword for every product you sell, keeping in mind your target market and competition.
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Optimise your Shop Page


  • Username: it is displayed in your shop URL and used for the title on your shop page, the most important on-site SEO element! Be sure to use your brand + your shop main keyword as your username, separated by a dash. E.g. blue-moon-handmade-brass-jewellery
  • Shop Name: here you should use your username/brand plus a short description that appropriately describes your shop, e.g.  Blue Moon – Brass Jewellery – Handmade with love!  


    1. Shop Window: here you have a heading where you should use synonymous & related keywords to give Google more info about your shop. E.g. Discover boho brass jewels!


  • Shop Profile: displayed in Google search results as a short description.  Do not exceed 160 characters and include your main keywords and a call to action, to invite the user to click on and discover your shop.
  • Shop Description: Write a unique text (about 200 words) describing your shop. Use your keywords and mention your best performing product names.
  • Do not compete with DaWanda categories: don’t use DaWanda category names, but instead add keywords about material, colours, method of productions and patterns.
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Optimise your Product Pages

    1. Product Name: use a descriptive name (e.g. Boho brass necklace with leather pendant) and avoid special characters!
    2. Product Description: write a unique text describing your product in details, materials, patterns and production method included.


  • Keywords: fill in the keywords box (separate multiple keywords with a comma): this is helpful for the internal search. Do not forget them also while translating your Shop into different languages!
  • Listings: keep a stock of products that doesn’t change, and from time to time add some new products to keep your shop up-to-date.
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Link Earning tips

  • Blogging: open a blog about your business; provide tutorials, interesting articles or related news. Ask other bloggers to host you on their blogs and don’t forget to link to your DaWanda Shop URL.
  • Social Media: create a fan page (not a private profile!) for your online business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube (depending on what kind of product you sell) and build your online reputation.
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