How can I organise my shop by my own categories?

68518667-Mini-keepsake-drawer-jewellery-storageIf you have a lot of products on offer, you can make them easier to navigate by organising your shop into your own categories (just like shelves in a store). This makes it easier for buyers to get an overview of everything you offer in your shop. The shop category is shown above each item, making browsing a more interesting experience and perhaps encouraging buyers to put more items in their shopping cart!

You can create up to 20 of your own categories. Many sellers are very creative with their choice of shop categories, although titles such as ‘bags’, ‘t-shirts’ etc are still completely appropriate as they are easy to understand. If you create a lot of similar items, you can also subdivide them according to size or collection. Browsing by category helps buyers find the items they are looking for, faster.



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To create your own shop categories simply:

Go to My DaWanda >> Products and Shop >> Edit shop categories.

Here you can add your own shop categories by entering the category name and clicking ‘save’. You can change the order that they appear in your shop by clicking to the right of the category name and moving it up or down. You can also delete or edit these categories at any time.

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In the next step you can allocate your products to the categories.

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Allocating items to the shop categories: here you can easily add or remove products from your shop categories by clicking on the item, dragging it, and then dropping it into the category box.

Another hint: don’t forget to allocate all of your products to the categories. Many buyers do not look under “All Products”, but the shop categories provide your customers with a navigation tool so that they can see products that they may otherwise not have found!

Have fun creating your own shop categories and all the best when selling!


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