What are Cut Out images and why are they important?

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What are Cut Out images?

Cut out images (sometimes know as deep etched images) are photos where the object has been cut out from it’s original background and placed onto a clean, white background.







Why is it important to have images cut out?

  • lifestyle_snug.studioWhen you look at the majority of products being featured in magazines and blogs you’ll usually find them as part of a “trends” or “get the look” style feature. To secure yourself a spot in one of these hot topic spreads, it’s important to have professional, individual product shots readily available for journalists.
  • Cut out images also make your product image clean and look much more professional. They’re more appealing to the eye and by having this type of image on your own websites, you are putting your products in the best light, which will absolutely help with sales


Obviously not all products will suit cut-out images. Wallpaper and flooring for example are often displayed best in lifestyle shots.




Please, remember:

  • Even cut out, your images need to be high res (300dpi);
  • Offer a choice to journalists: present products singly, as a group, under different angles.
  • Do not be careless about Lifestyle shots!




Source: Pressloft

How do I deep etch (cut out) my image?

  • You can do it yourself in a photo editing program like Photoshop or Gimp (free). There are plenty of tutorials online.
  • You can ask your photographer to supply images deep etched onto a white background when you do your next product shoot and they can just incorporate this into their editing process for you.
  • Or there are companies online who will do it for a small cost of about $1 per image, such as deep etch(see their clipping path service). Just upload your current images with any type of background and they’ll send them back to you cut out professionally.

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