A few things you don’t know about real bike lovers

As National Bike Month is on the way, we want to share with you some things you probably didn’t know about riding a bike. And for our fellow bike lovers, just a few reasons to treat your bike well and check out more of the charming gadgets we all love. Once you see them, you’re sure to get the “I need it NOW” feeling!

Winter season doesn’t mean that you are not taking care of your bike. It’s the best time to look for accessories for the next season, like new grips, saddles, baskets, bells… or give your bike the spa treatment and introduce it to the new season with a brand new color. *Our suggestion, as it’s the year of “greenery”: add nice flower accessories to your bike using a wearable bike planter!

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A small briefcase under the saddle is not just a good-looking accessory. It’s a life saver! It’s a perfect place for a spare tube and all the tools you need to change it. Unfortunately the city can be full of surprises, and you do not want to end your wonderful bike day early by having to walk home. Give leather bags a look as they’re long-lasting items and will suit leather grips well.

Cyclists simply drink a lot of coffee. Coffee and bicycles are a traditional combination, no doubt about it – so don’t be surprised by a huge number of small bike cafes or cups with bike motifs. Coffee and bicycles have a common Italian denominator, so what’s not to love? If you’re not lucky enough to be working as a freelancer with plenty of time to sit and drink your perfect coffee, you better read some articles on how to drink coffee and ride a bike at the same time.

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Get close with your bike. If you don’t have the space in your apartment for your bike, you just need to discover it. This is the reason for the many clever bike-storing techniques. Our favourite ones are wooden bike shelves that are simultaneously good-looking, practical, and eco-friendly. It’s also the best way to make your bike the center of attention in your home. *Make sure to check velo socks for perfect winter solutions – the covers will protect your home’s walls and floors from those pesky black tire marks.*

Safety first – if you don’t want to lose your best friend. Investing in high-quality hemp or a lock is a must. But don’t worry, they look as good as all the other bike accessories we love so dearly.

And finally – getting on your bike just makes you happier; spending more time outdoors, with people, along with the fantastic sense of freedom. So don’t be surprised that cyclists are smiling a lot and treating their bikes with a huge dose of love. It’s worth it!

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