Top wedding trends that will give your wedding a fun twist

For those who don’t feel the vibe of big traditional wedding receptions, we have prepared a little help for how to make this day more fun and unique. All in line with the latest trends. Make this special day even more personal and be sure that your guests won’t be bored!

Temporary tattoo station

It’s a budget-friendly favour and an easy way to personalise your wedding! You can do it yourself: just buy lots of tats (you can pick some designs that are in line with the theme of your wedding, or that are personal to you and your partner), write some easy instructions, prepare a small sponge and water and decorate the table! Of course, if you don’t want to set it up on your own, you can always hire a professional version – for example from Doris Loves.

So, who needs a photo booth, when you’ve got a tattoo booth instead?

Photo credits: Doris Loves | Oh Bracelet Berlin | DaWanda Wedding 

Enjoy pink love

It seems like desert-inspired wedding trends are on top so pink in every shade will be a good choice. Choose a pink pastel tone that will look great on all photos, and add some memories of the sweet seventies. You can go for the all-around look and add it not only to the table decorations but also to your bouquet, invites or bridesmaid dresses. Remember that if you’re not feeling this desert-vintage vibe you can always go for a total black look, which is also getting surprisingly popular!

Photo credits: Style Me Pretty | Method Shop | happywedd

Taco party

You and your friends are big fans of taco trucks during the weekends? Not surprising is the fact that one of the biggest trends for wedding food in 2017, according to Pinterest, is having a taco bar! You can hire food trucks for your big day to serve dinner to your guests. Let them choose their favorite toppings for a little more fun behind the food. What’s more, food stations are usually a very budget-friendly way of serving food and give the whole event a festive vibe. Want to be fancy? Pair it with a margarita bar or serve some signature cocktails.

Photo credits: Wedding ForwardRuffled | Ruffled

Not-so-floral decorations: succulents everywhere

If you’re tired of seeing the same wedding flower crowns, get rid of traditional flowers and the masses of greenery, and use succulents on all your decorations and wedding accessories instead. Since your wedding day will be the most photographed day of your life, they will be great eye-catchers and get the complete non-traditional wedding look. You can use them as cake decorations, as a theme for your invitations and also – which is totally hot in 2017 – as bridal jewelry and hair decorations. Even better – you can make succulent hair pins easily on your own – see the DIY!

Photo credits: 100layercakeDaWanda Wedding | Koman Photography

Real Alternative Guest Book

Finally engage your guests more and prepare a guest book which will be in line with your personality and your hobbies! They can write their signatures on your first guitar, wooden Jenga blocks (for game-addicted lovers) or your sports jersey from high school (if you first met in class). Want to play it safe and be creative at the same time? Use small polaroids where everyone will be able to write a message under their own photo.

Photo credits:  DaWanda Wedding | Dominique WienholtWedding Ideas Magazine

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