Is “cool feminism” a bad thing?

The following post borrows from articles originally by The Fashion Spot and Huffington Post.

Beyoncé. Emma Watson. Miley Cyrus. Oprah. Lena Dunham.

What do all of these celebrities have in common, besides being famous ladies? They’ve all publicly identified as feminists in the past few years, during the era of the celebrity feminist — or, as Andi Zeisler writes in her new book, the time in which “feminism got cool.” Zeisler, author and co-founder of Bitch Media, chronicles feminism’s recent rise to mainstream popularity in her new book We Were Feminists Once. From celebrities jumping on the feminist bandwagon, to brands like Always and Dove creating entire ad campaigns around empowering women — feminism has undoubtedly become “trendy.”

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“It’s this very weird parallel world where on the one hand feminism is now considered very cool — it’s an aesthetic, it’s something that celebrities embrace, it’s something mainstream media uses as a hook to get people interested,” Zeisler told The Huffington Post. “But at the same time, feminism itself — the need for feminism and the many ways in which it’s an unfinished project — seems increasingly disconnected to that ‘cool feminism.’”

One look at your Facebook feed and you’ll notice viral videos telling women to “throw like a girl“ or reminding men to #ShareTheLoad when it comes to household chores. These tag lines are feel-good and empowering, but they’re also ultimately used to sell products like laundry detergent, sanitary pads and paper towels.

It’s called femvertising – brands selling #empowerment to women
Hashtag feminism has gone viral, with even energy firms launching social-media campaigns marketing feminism. But behind the hype, who’s really benefiting?


Feminism is also the latest high-fashion trend.

On September 30, Maria Grazia Chiuri made her Dior debut — and the word of the day was feminism. As Beyonce’s “Flawless” played in the background, Chiuri showcased a collection filled with images of female strength. Models wore sensible sneakers with gala-ready gowns, gauzy princess skirts with professional blazers. Their (queen) bee-embellished fencing kits glowed like armor. But the most overt statement came in the form of a message tee that read We Should All Be Feminists (after Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s essay of the same name). The second it hit the runway, Dior’s fanbase — male and female alike — duly lost their minds.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a see-now, buy-now number. Of course, now that the tee has (kind of) hit the market, it’s a total street style staple — especially given the timeliness of its message. Like the rest of the fashion world, we’re itching to voice our girl power. Ideally, we’d do so in Dior, but the feminist T-shirt reportedly costs around $550 and we don’t see Chiuri gifting us one anytime soon. What’s a financially savvy, fashion-loving feminist to do? Asked and answered. Click through the photos below for chic, affordable, politically savvy alternatives to the feminist apparel of the season.

There are lasting benefits to the fact that we had our consciousness raised on some level by celebrities and by popular culture around environmentalism, and I certainly think that will happen for feminism. I do think in a few years there will be something else that celebrities will be asked about on the red carpet as sort of the new social issue. And I don’t think that’s bad. I think the people who care are hopefully the people who care enough to do something about it. And the people who just cared when it’s trendy, weren’t going to do anything about it to begin with.


Texts come from The Fashion Spot and Huffington Post.

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  1. Nicole (10.05.17 15:00 Uhr)

    There is alot of art based on feminism that are quite amazing ! It annoys me when it is taken as a “trend” , though! And of course it is used in advertising , because instead of being common sense its still Taboo-like subject . Nice choices on the suggestions! and ….welcome back ! I like that the English blog is back to life !