5 Boho Festival Must-Haves that Won’t Break the Bank

Searching for boho inspiration? Something perfect for this summer’s music festivals?

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Take this chance to upgrade your wardrobe with bohemian outfits and beautiful accessories. To save you some money, here are some budget-friendly suggestions, so take a look and start pulling off this truly timeless style!

You will need:

  • Anything with feathers – But feathers somehow pull a Boho outfit together. They can be feathers on a necklace or stuck in a hat. Pop them anywhere and you will see the immediate transformation.
  • Headpieces – wraps, bands and hair jewellery. Hats, scarves, hairpieces are heaps of fun to wear and add that special something to an otherwise drab outfit. For boho, stick with natural fabrics. Pieces of wrapped leather, or straw hats, knotted beads in a hair wrap. Perfect!
  • Strappy sandals, or flat boots. Natural fabrics and textures are your guiding lights. You will look amazing and completely in style.
  • Maxi skirt/dress. We are all agreed, if you have a boho maxi skirt, your wardrobe is 70% boho perfect!
  • Metalic tattoo one of the essential boho summer accessories, combining attention to detail with a glorious sparkle.


Photo credits: planet blue | pikfine | Carbickova Bijoux | Aurobelle

So there you have it. Just remember, have fun with it and embrace your own personal style. 

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