Say “I Do” to these Creative and Unique Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Dear brides, your bridesmaids help you with everything from looking for your dress to creating DIY decor for your reception. Now it’s time to say thank you to them with some creative bridesmaid gifts. Choosing the right gift for your girls can be a little tricky, but we’re here to help you avoid last-minute purchases, and instead opt for these unique and simple DIY ideas with the added personal touch.

Personalised bridesmaid bracelets

A super sweet and delicate bracelet, with a small handmade open heart pendant, will suit every bridesmaid’s outfit! Each heart bracelet is one-of-a-kind, which makes them even more special. They will be delivered to you along with a small card and the message “Team Bride”. Want to make it more personal? Choose wristband bracelets with a special message on them! You can write your BFF’s name or simply the date of your wedding day!

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Handmade soy wax candle to help her chill out

Mood-enhancing handmade soy container candles – everyone loves them! After the whole wedding rush, as you’re chilling out on your honeymoon, they’ll need some relaxation too! They’re bound to appreciate it even more if you prepare the candles in their favourite scent on your own. Of course, save some for yourself too! If you’re not good at hand working you can find plenty of ecological and handmade options here.

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Leave a message inside the bridesmaid’s clutch

Remember that during your big day she will keep everything that will save your and her own life in her clutch! Leave her a secret message inside! You can also order her a ready-made purse with initials, but sometimes it’s enough to add a label that you can sew inside any purse.

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Wedding bracelets from fresh flowers

Are you looking to give her something special for your wedding day? Making her bracelets from fresh flowers yourself is the perfect way to show how much you care. However, it will be a great accessory too. You can make it from the same fresh flowers as were used in your wedding bouquet – check our DIY for more.

Bridesmaid stationery

Stationery – something we never buy for ourselves but love to have around to help us to keep track of our memories. As a thank you to your leading ladies, gift them a personalised set of stationery or gift boxes which they can store keepsakes inside.

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Hang their dresses on personalised hangers

After they prepared many surprises for you during your hen party, give something back by hanging their bridesmaid dresses on personalised hangers before they get ready to walk down the aisle! It’s also a great photo prop for wedding photos which make for wonderful keepsakes for your girls long after the big day! If you like, you can also make it rustic – go for a wooden choice with their names, or something satin with a small initial charm if you want to make it more elegant.

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