5 Tips From a DaWanda SEO Expert

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of (you guessed it) optimising your website for search engines so it ranks higher in the search results. Take a look at what Nina advises on how to proceed, to create search engine friendly content on your DaWanda shop.

  • Optimise your DaWanda shop

Importantly, to optimise your DaWanda shop you need to choose the most relevant keywords for your shop description. How to achieve this? Use a free keyword research tool such as Google keyword planner. Check out how to use it here.

Don’t forget to name your shop appropriately. Use your username/brand plus a short description that appropriately describes your shop, e.g. “Blue Moon – Brass Jewellery – Handmade with love!”

Next, optimise your shop window and your shop’s profile using synonyms and related keywords. To learn more go here.

  • Optimise your product pages

First of all, use descriptive and precise product names e.g. “Boho brass necklace with leather pendant” – and avoid special characters! What’s more, product descriptions should have unique text describing your products with details, materials and patterns used, and the production method all included.

  • Tag precisely  

The more precise and accurate your tags are while you’re creating a new listing, the easier it is for people to find your product. Do not use general tags but rather descriptive and long-tail tags. This way, customers looking for specific kinds of products are able to find what they are looking for e.g. if you’re listing a medium length red dress with dots, do not tag it as “red dress” but “midi red dotted dress”. Such unique keywords make up 70% of total searches on the web!

  • Choose the right category for the product

This is a very important point! Choose the right DaWanda category for your products so that they correspond to what you are offering perfectly. Why? Imagine that you are looking for hats and you go to DaWanda category “Hats”, but instead of the product you are looking for, you find belts, necklaces, and other accessories. Wouldn’t it make you give up the search?

  • Be patient

Above all, remember that SEO efforts do not give results immediately, but in the long term they pay off and are one of the most important factors in pushing your online business forward.

And I wish you a lot of satisfaction running your DaWanda shop!

Stay tuned for more quality content.

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