Hand Embroidery Trends To Give You The Edge

Think ‘embroidery’ and the first thing that pops into your mind might be your early days sitting with needle and thread, trying out different stitches. Who knew that years later, different interesting hand embroidery patterns would lend such a wow factor to clothing and accessories? Let us take a look at some hand embroidery options that are sure to catch the eye and boost any outfit! Hand embroidery in bloom – one of the most popular embroidery styles that you’ll find on clothes are floral embroidery designs. They add a nice hint of femininity to your outfit, and make it look just a tad more romantic.

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  • Boho accent – another really easy way to wear some embroidery as part of your look is to go boho. You’ll find that many boho pieces have various types of embroidery stitches on them, to breathe life into the pieces in many ways. This is because embroidery is one of the best ways to achieve a natural, organic look – which is what boho is all about.
  • Denim doesn’t have to always look the same – liven up your thread with some hand embroidery designs! You can have your piece customized or you can try a little of your own hand embroidery, by sewing on an embroidered patch for an easy DIY project.
  • On accessories – if you’re not the type to go for loud statements, you can also opt to wear embroidered accessories, like earrings or necklaces, with a view to a more subtle embroidered approach and some simple embroidery designs.
  • If you’ve been thinking about how to hand embroider yourself, you can find some ideas in our own DIY section here or here, with a basic embroidery stitch guide here.

hand embroidery patterns

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Embroidery may not seem like your cup of tea at first, but with the many embroidery patterns, stitches, and designs, and the ease of doing it yourself, it can be a powerful tool to improve and change any outfit or accessory!

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