How to sell online – what goes into making a bestseller?

In recent months I’ve noticed the growing trend of creating life hacks on social media – easy solutions to everyday problems. It gave me the idea to take on the challenge and attempt to create a hack for best selling products. After analysing the topic, I of course realised the massive complexity behind the issue. Nevertheless, developing DaWanda shops and showing people how to sell online being a big part of my job, I know of some factors which can be crucial when working towards this goal.


Starting from the very beginning, it is sensible to brainstorm before jumping into any form of the creative process. Keep your eyes wide open while browsing new trends around you e.g. social media, city centers, e-markets, Pinterest, and among your friends and family – your kids also might be aware of the next big thing before anyone else! Closely observe what’s gaining atraction. Trends wouldn’t be trends if they weren’t constantly evolving, so you need to be attentive and consistent throughout the process. Next, if you spot a growing trend or come up with an innovative idea, think about whether people will feel comfortable buying it online (for example, it is easier to sell leggings online than tailored trousers, as the first don’t need to have a perfect fit). You may also take the idea to Google Trends and analyse the results. However tough it may sound, while creating a top performing product, perhaps it’s not about what you like or want but about providing a solution to a market which wants, likes, or needs certain products. Janis, the owner of the KWUD brand, who has created a few best selling products, follows trends and takes care to add a unique personal touch to his products:

Personally, I believe that the creation of a best selling product comes with a lot of unknowns. I look at trending styles and start designing my own product from scratch, with the idea that I will add a unique touch to the product that no one else offers. It could be a minor detail, but in the customer’s eyes it should be a “game changer”, and this feature then helps sell products. You have to understand that not all products will become best sellers and I create many variations to suit the style of as many customers as possible. One thing that I have learned over the years, is that the best feeling for a craftsman is creating a product that brings positive emotions to the recipient. Once you get the feeling that the customer appreciates the work that you put in, the whole production process becomes so much fun.”


What’s especially important when trying to create best selling products, is to stick to your brand message and aesthetics. If the product will strengthen the idea of what the brand encompasses, it means that it is consistent with the values of your brand and will add to what your customer experiences as part of your shop.

Cotton Bralette Soft BraLet’s take DaWanda’s ESSENTIALS FOR ZULA shop as an example, which has sold almost 2000 products in under a year. At first glance, the shop is very pleasing to the customer’s eye and gets the brand message across immediately. A well-organised and aesthetic shop front give the seller extra credibility right away. Additionally, the imaginative photo styling evokes something within the imagination of the customer and makes them want the product even more. An attractive shipping price (especially to Germany) will help encourage the occasional customer who hesitates to click “Buy now”. All the small things that the seller accomplishes to deliver the best buying experience for the customer is reflected in a positive rating for the shop.



The difference that you can make also lies in the details included in your product creation and product description. Have a look at another shop with best selling products on DaWanda – ManyMornings. Apart from all the points considered in the previous shop, in their good product description they also mention that each sale the buyer makes contributes to charity, which could be the difference between a consideration and a purchase. Plus, take a look at their profile picture – how can you not trust such sellers?



alternative wedding guestbookAnother DaWanda bestseller – 4lovepolkadots offers free shipping to Germany and a lot of customisation and personalisation options. The shop also gives discounts and giveaways from time to time. All in all, apart from being translated into German, the three shops sell unique, handmade creations, with good pricing, and an appealing, trustworthy brand. The sellers are simply attentive to every element of the sales process, and as we all know, the devil’s in the detail. In this sense, learning how to sell online isn’t just about selling products, but also selling yourself.





When you make sure that your product fits in well with your brand, it’s time to think about the profitability of the product. Try to work on your internal compass for recognising the types of creativity which are best for personal enjoyment, and those best for selling. Some things are super fun to make but may not bring much in terms of profit. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you cannot combine the two. I’d rather say that in the process of working with the idea of how to sell online and creating a successful product in mind, a sensible and conscious attitude is highly recommended.

After thinking of a suitable price for the item, you need to confront it with reality by doing some research and finding out average price points of similar products existing on the market you’d like to sell on. Afterwards, compare them with yours, and reconsider your pricing.

❤HINT: Before you think you know how to sell online, be aware of the target audience. Each marketplace has its own character and a certain type of customer. On DaWanda, the German market is the most established one, so having German translations of your products is critical to your visibility, and at the end of the day – to sales. While comparing prices, you can also tell whether the market is saturated with the product you’re going to launch, which leads us to another point “How can my products be more attractive or different?”.

Here, we are again touching on an issue with many aspects and wide complexity. I do realize I haven’t mentioned all the aspects which contribute to “creating” a bestseller, but then I’d be writing a book rather than a simple post. This process involves patience, plenty of trial and error work, and learning from experience. Of course, like everything in life – a little luck helps. Nevertheless, creating a bestseller is a process rather than a one-time incident. If you want to exchange your selling practices and learn from each other please go here. As you know, they are all priceless to learning how to sell online to the best of your potential. Acquiring the knowledge of how to sell a product can often be the hardest part, but hopefully this guide will help you on your path to success!

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However great your product is, customers need to find it, and well-thought-out SEO for your shop will give a higher chance for a potential customer to discover it (and best of all, it’s not hard – check out our little guide.)

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