Christmas Seller Guide: An Introduction

At DaWanda, Christmas marks the busiest time of the year, so with the bulk of orders coming, it’s good to know how to take advantage of your shop’s prime season and plan ahead. If you want to do some prep work before things get too hectic, use the points below as a first step for your holiday planning.

 ❤ DEVELOP A HOLIDAY PROMOTION PLAN Organize your promotional strategy for the holidays while keeping an eye on important dates. Mark your calendar with major holidays, as well as shopping dates around the world, such as Cyber Monday (27 November), Black Friday (24 November), the beginning of Advent (3 December), Thanksgiving (23 November) and so on.

Next, plan out the channels and promotions for popular shopping days ahead of time. Take part in all kinds of promotions happening at DaWanda. Here’s a little guide on how to set the sale.

  ❤ INVENTORY CHECK Does your shop offer a solid inventory? Count your items and complete your DaWanda shop if needed. With adequate inventory management you are able to meet the delivery estimates and keep up a good rating – and help avoid unnecessary stress for yourself.

 ❤ STOCK UP ON MATERIALS Gather all the supplies now that you may need later. It will also help reduce stress, especially when you offer made-to-order items.

 ❤ LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE  If it’s not your first Christmas on DaWanda think of last year’s holiday season; what went well, and what didn’t work out. Incorporate the conclusions into your planning this Christmas.

When starting prep work before Christmas, taking a look at your shop with a critical eye will certainly help you. These could include shop changes, such as strengthening your shop policy, improving pictures, or redecorating the interface of your shop. In this spirit, we will be sending you weekly seller tips so you can get your shop in tip-top shape for the most successful sales season at DaWanda.

If you are already determined to work on a certain part of your shop and need more help, please write to to receive more personal support.

IMPORTANT HINT: Germany is our largest and most established market. If you haven’t translated your shop and products into German, it’s high time to take a chance and be visible to this large extra market segment.

How can you do this? You can go here to first translate your products, then the Shop description, and Shop Categories. If you translate your listings with the aid of a translation tool, it is a good idea to put a note in the listing explaining that it has been machine translated and that your listing is also available in original English.

Good luck and stay tuned!

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