Christmas Seller Guide: Shipping and Delivery Time

❤ Local Delivery Time

When creating a new listing you need to fill in the “Delivery time’’ box of the product. The “delivery time” box on DaWanda is automatically relevant only for local delivery (domestic delivery) and we recommend informing your buyers about it during the sales process, especially when the Christmas season is coming and customers count on deliveries reaching them on time. In other words, if you come from Latvia the “Delivery time” box is solely dedicated to Latvia territory. 

Shipping and delivery terms are often confusing for many customers, as they assume them to be synonymous with each other, that’s why do your best to be as clear and realistic in your deliveries and shipping estimations as possible. Here’s the little e-commerce dictionary to help you:

  • Shipping is the date on which the parcel leaves your workplace.
  • Delivery is the date the package arrives at the buyer’s doorstep.
  • You also need to estimate the date of the production time sometimes called “processing time”, in other words, the time you need to prepare the parcel to be shipped.

We recommend you to always make clear what you mean by shipping and delivery time.


❤ International Delivery Time

If you have an international buyer you need to inform that deliveries times to other countries than your native country may vary and the deliveries may take different times depending on the destination country. The delivery may take a little bit longer due to some conditions such as bad weather/ rush season/ holidays etc. Based on carries estimates and your experience you may inform the buyer about the delivery time spans. In fact, the only time you have a full control of is a time dedicated to creating a product (counted after the payment for the ordered product has been completed by the buyer). We suggest putting similar information in your shop policies:

Estimated delivery times for some countries/regions are:

♥GERMANY: 1-2 weeks

♥US/AU/CAN: 1-3 weeks

♥EU: 1-2 weeks

♥Rest of the World: 1-3 weeks

As we learn through experience, there are always going to be things that you discover along the way. For example, you may notice that delivery times to certain destinations are consistently different than what your mail carrier estimates. Keep track of that, and update your shop policy. Don’t hesitate to follow up on details with a buyer. Please always give the tracking number of the order to the buyer and inform them that the product has been shipped.


❤ Where to implement the information about the delivery and shipping time?

terms & conditions

highlighted message (shown in a ‘box’ on all product pages below a product picture)

automatic confirmation email following an order

IMPORTANT: Germany is the biggest marketplace on DaWanda. Due to this, please make sure that the information about delivery to Germany is translated into German and is communicated clearly to our German buyers.

Now let’s take a look at how you can optimise your shop’s shipping options. There are plenty of options on DaWanda to help you give your customers the best range of shipping choices. You may choose international shipping fees while creating “Shipping Profile” when listing a product.

Please write to to receive more personal support.

Good luck and stay tuned!

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