Guest Posting on DaWanda blog

We’d like to officially invite you to write a post and appear on DaWanda’s blog!

You don’t feel your English is good enough? Don’t worry! Our language specialist will edit the text before it is published.


❤ Need a reason?

  • Contribute to the vibrant DaWanda community!
  • Expand your exposure and network  (e.g. linking from the blog post to your DaWanda shop, as well as the blog post appearing in our newsletter and on Facebook)
  • Share your love of all things handmade
  • Reach a new group of readers to introduce to your handmade world


❤ Need a topic?

Share your love of handmade and write about, for example:

  • How does your creative process look like?
  • How is your workspace set up?
  • What is your daily work routine?
  • How do you prepare for Christmas?
  • How you started DaWanda adventure?
  • Tips on how to sell handmade products
  • Trends in your field
  • Or any other topic you find interesting to write about and share!


❤ What’s guaranteed?

We’ll include a link to your DaWanda shop and to your personal blog if you have one. 


❤ Remember to send us:

  • a picture of yourself,
  • and at least two interesting pictures for the article in high quality,
  • and the article, of course:)


Please note that we reserve the right to make final corrections and choices on articles before publishing.

If you are open to DaWanda writing adventure, write to us at

We can’t wait to read your posts!




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