6 tips for selling on Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day selling trends in 2018

Although Valentine’s Day is most commonly associated with romantic love, in some parts of the world the day is observed as a day for expressing love between family members and friends too. Some traditions include giving gifts to children, and others include acts of appreciation between work colleagues, teachers and even pets. So the good news for you sellers is that this gives you more options to offer gifts different than chocolates, romantic cards, and flowers! 

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A strong trend is forming in showing affection to yourself and your beloved ones by indulging in luxurious baths and spa treatments, with products made of natural ingredients. A handmade gift is likely to receive plenty of appreciation from your loved ones. Selling ready-made kits, for example, makes it easy for buyers to make a gift themselves, or give a loved one the experience of creating something for themselves.

As a DaWanda seller, you can help buyers brainstorm ideas for Valentine’s Day, regardless of their relationship status. Here are some tips which may help you prepare your shop before Valentine’s Day:

❤ If you haven’t listed Valentine’s gifts, list them now. Almost every gift can make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift.

❤ Don’t forget to list your product in a second category (if applicable) such as Occasions & Celebrations, Beauty, Paper & Stationery etc. The second category is absolutely for free!

❤ Add related keywords such as “Valentine gift idea”, “Valentine’s day gift” and so on to your product title, product description, and tags, so that your products are easier to find for potential buyer. Use our new keyword tool to help you find the most popular German keywords.

 Show off the look of your gift wrapping, and make sure it suits the occasion.

❤ Make sure your processing times are short and accurate to help you convert those last-minute buyers.

❤ Make your own Valentine’s day on social media.

Offer gifts responding to different needs!

Personalize, personalize, personalize!


Offer something surprising!

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Happy Valentine’s selling!

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