5 Reasons Why A Leather Backpack Is Your Perfect Travel Companion

Gone are the days when backpacks were only meant for school kids. In our modern era, no one can deny the fact that backpacks are the perfect fit for your everyday carry-all. Whether you are planning to go trekking, hilling, camping, or anticipating a trip with your friends or family, there is one thing which is common to each and every one of us. It is often said that “every traveler is a last-minute packer”; no matter how long we have been waiting to get going and embrace our wanderlust, there is always that one thing which remains unorganized until the last moment: the backpack.

There are 5 reasons why leather backpack is your perfect travel companion. Here we go:

“The lighter you carry, the better your travel becomes”

Do not confuse handmade leather backpacks with hard shell backpacks. The weight of handmade leather backpacks can be as low as 2.5 Pounds – yep, you heard that correctly! When travelling for long distances the smallest differences in weight can make all the differences so a quality leather backpack can be a great choice.

“Denim fades but leather is eternal”

It has long been said that time spares none, but in the case of natural rawhide leather products, the passage of time indeed beautifies the shades of our backpacks, and thus enhances their retro or vintage look. Additionally, leather is also tremendously steadfast and durable; tearing a leather bag is quite the challenge compared to doing the same to a backpack manufactured with synthetic materials.

“The beauty of handmade lies in its imperfections, everything perfect is just machine made”

Handmade is something which needs no special attention because it’s already special and unique in its own way. Leather bags have a timeless look that won’t be overtaken by any passing trends – an extra dose of class comes included!

“A bag in touch with nature itself”

Being a natural material, buying a leather backpack is also an eco-friendly option compared to mass-produced backpacks made of synthetic materials.

“Handmade backpacks are expensive”

Of course, the cost is something everyone has to factor in when buying a new bag, and surprisingly, when comparing handmade leather backpacks with other backpacks, you’ll be surprised that they’re often highly affordable – especially given their many other positive qualities!

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Lavish Shrimal from Leather Panache

Lavish Shrimal from Leather Panache

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