Deliver better customer service! Set up a personalised automatic order message!

You feel happy as the product from your shop has been already ordered. Afterwards, straightaway the automatic order message is sent to your buyer. Great news is that you can make it extra special by make it more personal. You can set personal automatic confirmation of your orders and thanks to this option you’ll be able to save you and your buyer time.

If you wondering what information personalised automatic confirmation message should contain, thanks to which the customer will be notified immediately that the ordering process has been successful and they can have a full set of the necessary information, have a look at a brief examples so that you can easily copy it and complete it for your boutique.

How it works:

To set up a personalised order message go to My DaWanda>Products & Shop>Automatic order message

In order to personalise your messages take advantage of our personalisation placeholders, which will be replaced in the text by the name of the buyer.


Username of the buyer = %{USERNAME}

Firstname of the buyer = %{FIRSTNAME}

Surname of the buyer = %{LASTNAME}


Still not sure how your personal confirmation should look like? Take advantage of the one prepared by us:)



Thank you very much for placing an order in my DaWanda shop! Below are the payment details:

[ your payment details]

As soon as the funds are credited to my account, your order will be processed!

Please give me details about the product (size, color, pattern etc.) and phone number that I will provide to the courier so that he can contact you when delivering the ordered products!

After successfully receiving the product, please rate the order so I’ll know if you like the product :)




To introduce the German version, just change the tab from EN into DE at the top of the page.

Sehr geehrte(r) % {USERNAME},

Vielen Dank für die Bestellung in meinem DaWanda Shop! Hier finden Sie die Zahlungsdetails:

[deine Zahlungsdetails]

Sobald das Geld auf meinem Konto ist, wird Ihre Bestellung bearbeitet!

Bitte geben Sie mir Details über das Produkt (Größe, Farbe, Muster usw.) und die Telefonnummer, die ich dem Kurier zur Verfügung stelle, damit er Sie bei der Lieferung der bestellten Produkte kontaktieren kann!

Nach einer erfolgreichen Transaktion, bewerten Sie bitte die Bestellung, damit ich weiß, ob Sie das Produkt mögen :)

Freundliche Grüße,


Even when using automatic confirmation, please always pay attention to messages from the buyer in order to be able to deal with questions and requests if necessary.


Good luck,

Your Team DaWanda


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