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If you have a passion for handmade crafts and have ever wanted to create an online store to turn your hobby into a job by selling crafts online, you may have thought there are significant hurdles along the way. How do I get my product to the masses? How do I sort out payments? Is it worth it? Well, we can answer the last one right now – it definitely is. For the others, we have all the answers available on our website, – and some already below!

Maybe you’ve already got some experience in selling crafts online, and are looking for Etsy alternatives, or a change from Bonanza, Folksy, or any other marketplace out there. Plenty of platforms exist, but we’d like to show you why we give them a solid run for their money. Read on to find out why!

❤ Biggest Handmade Market In Europe

We’re proud to be the largest handmade market in Europe, with roughly 20 million visitors and 200 million page views every month, from all over the world. While our online marketplace and sellers are globally in demand, we do find our focus to be more in Europe, specifically Germany, which is why our next point is particularly useful to those wanting to sell with us.

❤ Free + High-Quality Human Translations With SEO Optimisation

Chances are, if you’re reading this, that you don’t speak German; however, if you want to target our large German buyer base, what options does that leave you with? You could pay an expensive translator to translate your shop description and product listings, but you may be afraid to do so before seeing solid results from your shop. Auto-translators may be getting better, but they’re still a far cry from the real deal (as you can see below).

We don’t speak Finnish, but somehow this seems.. wrong. (Source).

Thankfully, we will translate them for you – from English to German, for free. Not just that, we will simultaneously translate and optimise your shop in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), so your products have the best chance of being found by buyers. Sites like Etsy tend to offer auto-translations of listings, which can be enough on a basic level, but quality human translation coupled with SEO makes for a valuable and highly effective combination.

❤ Personal Assistance For Your Shop

If the previous point didn’t make it clear enough, let me try again – we love giving you the personal touch! The internet can be a cold and distant place, so to bridge the gap our category managers are always just an email (or phone call) away – to help you with essentially anything DaWanda-related at all. We always have your back, from setting up your shop, all the way to managing your first order and into the future. We love to make the art of selling crafts online a friendly affair, so be sure in the knowledge that if you join DaWanda, you join the DaWanda family, too.

❤ Keyword Tool For Easier Listing

As mentioned in the previous point, SEO can play an important role in the visibility of your shop and products. To make the process of discovering keywords easier for you, we have developed a free tool which is integrated straight into the product listing page, with which you can search for keywords relevant to your product which also have a high search volume.

This may sound like a simple optimisation to make, but using the right keywords can be instrumental in your product appearing in front of the right customers who are more likely to purchase the very product you are selling!

❤ An Inclusive Fee Structure

We can’t speak for other platforms directly, but we have noticed that it is often the case that there are hidden extra costs added on to the seemingly low fees shown up-front. At DaWanda we have a different philosophy, transparency and inclusivity.

Our fee structure was changed last year – in essence it was reduced from a 10% commission fee + the PayPal 2.9% fee and €0.35 transaction fee, as well as the €0.30 DaWanda Wallet fee. Now, the commission fee is at 9.5%, which includes the 2.9% PayPal fee and €0.35 PayPal transaction fee.

For our listing fees please takes a look at the following chart.

Sales price Listing fee
0,10 € – 10,00 € 0,10 €
10,01 € – 20,00 € 0,20 €
>= 20,01 € 0,30 €

We’re proud to offer an affordable online marketplace for handmade products, giving sellers everywhere the ability to sign up knowing that our fee system is fair and balanced.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for your first online marketplace to sell your handmade products or searching for alternatives to Etsy, an eBay alternative, or a route to selling online as an already-established brick and mortar seller, it can be difficult to dig through the mass of information online. Hopefully, this summary has shown you what a great choice DaWanda is for selling crafts online – if you’d like to read more, you can do so in our seller portal here, as well as signing up, setting up a shop, and beginning your DaWanda journey. We look forward to welcoming you to the family!

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write at 29.03.2018 - 12:25.

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  1. Tanja (14.05.18 15:21 Uhr)

    Hallo Emilia,

    ich verkaufe auf Ihrem Online-Marktplatz seit dem Jahr 2014.

    In meinem Online-Shop gibt es Angebote in drei Sprachen: englisch, deutsch & spanisch.

    Leider, kann ich feststellen, dass es keine Käufern aus anderen EU-Ländern (außer deutschen Käufern) gibt.

    Das wäre sehr nett von Ihnen, wenn Sie sich mehr auf Europa konzentrieren.

    LG, Tanja | FrejaToys

  2. Emilia Kuerau (06.06.18 10:18 Uhr)

    Hi Tetiana, good to hear from you! We’re glad that you’re seeing success from our German market :) As a German company, we do find our focus to lie more in Germany, but we are constantly striving to grow our general European market, and will continue to do so as we move forward into the future!
    Your Team DaWanda